Re-readathon Weekend

The Perpetual Page Turner is having a re-readathon this weekend. I can’t promise I’ll dedicate the entire weekend to reading, but what I have of it? I’m so looking forward to going back in time…
There are such a plethora of books which have laid claim to my heart. I’m thinking of the ones from early on, especially. The ones that first drew me into reading and never let me go. Charlotte’s Web, read at least 8 times on our first trip to Europe in 1969. The Children’s Bible read throughout the summer of 1973 when it was first released by Tyndale Press. The Little House books which never let me down in their tales of courage and simplicity, or the Narnia Chronicles which my mother read to me before I could read myself.
I could reread meaningful classics, certainly, such as  A Tale of Two Cities. Or, the meaningful ‘romance’ novels such as Possession or Anna Karenina. But this weekend? As long as I’m rereading? I’m going to go way back. Back to when I was a child and read as a child.
How wonderful it will be.

11 thoughts on “Re-readathon Weekend

  1. I have had little time to read lately and it has made me sad!!! I love the idea of a re-readathon. I think I would re-read Snowflower and the Secret Fan. I loved this book and it recently came out in a movie straight to DVD. I couldn't wait to watch it….I was incredibly disappointed. They changed the story and left out so much of what made me love the book. So I would like to read it again to leave my mind on the story I loved. However, the movie was redeemed a bit by the surprise appearance of Hugh Jackman!! 🙂


  2. Sara, I like Snow Flower and The Secret Fan. I haven't seen the movie, so often they are nothing but a disappoint as you mention, but I can see where it would be a fun re-read. I hope your pace slows down a bit, and you have some restful hours between now and Thanksgiving. Not likely, though, is it? 🙂


  3. I wish I had the time to re-read some of my favorites. As a kid I loved “Peter Rabbit” and “The Velveteen Rabbit”. I also loved “The Secret Garden” and “Anne Of Green Gables”.


  4. What a wonderful idea! I read about it before but don't have time to participate: all time I have left goes to NaNo-writing right now. I'm behind on *everything*
    Wish you loads of fun though, I love love readathons and there are plenty of books I'd like to re-read.
    Oh and The Little House books… so good and so much sentiment.
    Anyway… as said: enjoy!


  5. Terra Madre, I loved Peter and the Wolf, although I remember that mostly in an orchestral format rather than a book. Such a wonderful tale! I also loved The Secret Garden, which for a reason I still can't fully understand, is much beloved by my son. Perhaps we long for the hidden away. And, for it to be discovered.


  6. From one experience to the other, it never ceases to amaze me how powerful the Little House books are. No matter how often I read them, or at what stage in my life, I remain deeply moved by the wisdom and simplicity of their lives.


  7. I love going back and rereading books that I enjoyed as a child. I would definitely have Charlotte's Web on the list, Stuart Little, and any of the books by Beverly Cleary. What a great challenge!


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