Happy (Veteran’s) Day Off

Wherein I get to sit in my comfy J. Jill shirt and jeans with a cup of pumpkin spice coffee and the last 240-some pages of 1Q84 and read to my heart’s content while restoring from TWO TWELVE HOUR DAYS in a row. But I’m not even going to say anything about that because my conferences were awesome and today’s a new day for which I am eternally grateful.
Thank you, veterans. Thank you for giving to America. I know it was incredibly more than I have done to deserve this day off.
(What are you doing with your day?)

15 thoughts on “Happy (Veteran’s) Day Off

  1. The guy has to work today. I think his company is one of the few larger ones that doesn't pay attention to today. So, I am technically supposed to be cleaning, but I am instead watching Bones reruns…


  2. We call it Rememberance Day in the UK and it's not a national holiday but everyone stops for two minutes of silence at 11am. We had a very moving service at school and all of the children released a red balloon at the end of the silence. It was quite powerful.


  3. In Australia there's no holiday, but a 1 minute silence is held and respect in most public places. I was flying home from Brisbane. I was deeply moved when the announcement came over and the trumpet played – and 95% of the people around my terminal stood up and silence was respected. We are blessed to have this freedom.


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