What Are You Listening To Wednesday

With the release of Haruki Murakami’s book 1Q84, I’m listening to Janáceck’s Sinfonietta which can be found here. Apparently this is the music with which the first of Murakami’s three part novel opens. Booktunes says, ” Janácek’s Sinfonietta marks the beginning of a book in which the dream world is a malevolent and powerful force that can be both inconvenient and supercede reality.” Already, the music gives me shivers of anticipation for what’s to come.

What are you listening to? Tell us, if you will.

12 thoughts on “What Are You Listening To Wednesday

  1. Ah, Murakami and music two things that go so well together and both things I can't resist. I have a play list for Murakami – full up with Curtis Fuller, Duke Ellington and Bob Dylan, no doubt that will soon be expanding, much to the detriment of my already empty bank account.

    Thanks for sharing the Janacek Sinfonietta. I'd started listening to it a while ago but stupidly forgot to bookmark it. *sigh* I wonder how much it'd set me back to buy…

    I've been listening to a lot of Scandinavian ambient music lately. I've been a little addicted to Danish movies and books and I like trying to find music to match what I'm reading.


  2. I've felt badly that I couldn't contribute to this because I already have something I write about on Wednesdays – a short story. But this week, happily I have a song!

    I don't know anything about the author or the music you've written about. :<(


  3. Parrish, I'll check out your suggestions as I was totally taken with the Civil Wars from last week. And, winning a 1Q84 t-shirt on Twitter? I'm not even talking to you any more. 😉

    Congratulations. You deserve it. And if it ever shrinks in the wash, I'll take it off your hands.


  4. Fiona, I've never listened to Scandanivian ambient music, but it sounds intriguing. as to the playlist for Murakami, did you create it yourself from titles he's mentioned in his books? I'd love to know what songs you have included on your list. There are more from 1Q84, specifically with the opening photograph and the lyrics “It's only a Paper Moon…if you believed in me” by Nat King Cole.


  5. Nan, don't feel badly about anything! I realize that Wednesday memes, any day of the week memes, are largely spoken for. I'm just doing this for my own interest, for any one else who's interested. As to Murakami, and the songs in his works, don't think I'm an expert. I'm learning as I go! I just know that he loves music, and cats, and includes them in his wonderful literature quite prolifically.


  6. Suko, I'd love it if you joined in when it suits your schedule. Eclectic music is the best, much like eclectic furniture, and eclectic blogs…who can be tied down to just one style? It'd be like only wearing one perfume all of one's life! Not for me. 😉


  7. Bellezza, I bought myself Bluse-ette by Curtis Fuller when I started reading After Dark and some of the others he mentioned… Duke Ellington was another. It really enriched my reading experience. I was never much into jazz/blues before then at all. In fact I turned my nose up at it. Murakami has had a surprising influence over me, but then I often find that much of my music tastes are influenced by something or other like books.

    I downloaded a lot of Bob Dylan I think because it was mentioned on the back cover of Hard Boiled Wonderland and listened to that and the others through reading it. Even though I don't think Bob Dylan was really mentioned until the end. Not that it mattered I fell in love, why I had never listened to him before is beyond me!

    I think I have some Nat King Cole as well not sure. I need to update my play list.

    I only started downloading music specific to the music he mentioned since After Dark really. It is too easy to do so online. (Far, far too easy!)

    When I re-read Kafka and Wind-up no doubt I'll be adding even more to my playlist. I'm not sure if I'll create book-specific playlists. I'll just add to my one Murakami list and fill my MP3 player up with it when the time comes to read his books.

    Here is Five Spot After Dark: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BlHRPXPx-4

    This music really makes me feel Murakami when I listen to it now. If you listen to something often enough reading a book, especially if the book is special they become ingrained.

    I can't listen to Karl Jenkin's 'The Armed Man' album now without feeling The Count of Monte Cristo.

    I think this is why I love Murakami even more. He seems to get that about how music works with his books, and creating mood and meaning.


  8. Fiona, thanks for that great, detailed answer! I've read both Kafka on The Shore (twice, it's my favorite of his) and Wind-up Bird Chronicle, but I must say the music aspect didn't particularly stick out for me. (How embarrassing is that?!) Now I'll be looking much more carefully as I read. It's rather similar to finding other literature listed within a book; all part of a wonderful, whole experience. I really appreciate your input in answering my question as well as being so involved with the meme. xo


  9. You inspired me to start writing my Sound Travels posts again! And I used to do them on Wednesday too 🙂

    This week I found some music I could listen to while reading, Cinema Serenade 2: The Golden Age.


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