Preparing for Tuesday. When IQ84 Is Finally Released!

Read what Knopf has on their site about Haruki Murakami’s new book, including:

Also, find the New York Times story on Haruki Murakami here.

I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I’m not even going to join in any read-alongs for it; I have to take 1Q84 on my own time, at my own pace, unrestrained by anyone else’s schedule or opinion.
Love you, Haruki, favorite author of mine.

23 thoughts on “Preparing for Tuesday. When IQ84 Is Finally Released!”

  1. That is my plan, at the mo, am considering the Xmas hols, but that may change depending on my level of patience. I already have books 1&2 the came last week & book 3 should arrive tomorrow. Enjoy it, immerse yourself in that world & when you do finally surface……


  2. Parrish, how appropriately that you should use the phrase “when you do finally surface…” I'd say you know me well by now. 🙂

    Kailana, you have massive treats in store for you!

    Diane, I have one coming in hardcover and one for my nook. Want to make sure I'm covered! Best to you with Eugenides (yuck :).


  3. I can't wait either! I pre-ordered. Hope it actually arrives on Tuesday just so I can HAVE it 🙂

    I agree with reading Murakami on one's own schedule. Especially if it is a “first time through it” read. Maybe I could do Murakami read-a-longs if it is a re-read


  4. Patty, if you've never read him before perhaps you'd like to start with After Dark. It is not long, but it is full of all the mysterious qualities and mood he is able to create which I so admire.


  5. Terri, I have no doubt in my mind that I'll reread it at some point or another! I never fully grasp all he says in the first go around.

    I ordered a digital edition for my nook precisely because I don't want to wait for the mailman. However, that does me little good since I'll be teaching until 4:00 anyway. Hope you're able to open your copy sooner!


  6. I adore him, too, and haven't read any of his work in far too long. In fact, I think the last book of his I read was After Dark. And before that I've only read Norwegian Wood. A long way to go yet. 🙂


  7. Yes, yes, yes :)))

    I will buy this long awaited book as a Kindle edition, what with it's 900+ pages it will be a pleasure to hold.

    ( I bought a 3d edition Kindle, I like Amazon's service and ease, I was having problems with my Nook, after 2 years, both sides where you push to turn the pages had totally cracked, the service at B&N had it's problems and my battery would not last more than 1 day I am very happy with the Kindle, so thin and battery lasts 1 month :))


  8. I am also excited, this is going to be a long read which I will take in slowly and with pleasure, might take me a while and it will be so worth every single page.

    Have a lovely evening Meredith ❤


  9. I've got it too but have decided I need to read Hear the Wind Sing and Pinball 1973 just to be different. I'm halfway through the latter so hopefully I'll start 1Q84 soon but like you I'll be doing it at my own pace.


  10. I have bought the American copy of 1Q84 which means waiting for a bit longer then I otherwise would have.

    My reasons for this is because I don't like the British hardbacks. Firstly, the cover is boring compared to the US version. Secondly why should I buy 2 hardbacks when it costs me exactly the same (on Amazon not anywhere else) to buy the US version and have it shipped across the ocean?

    Also, I have a slight problem that if I read the first book I'd feel like I'd finished something when I hadn't. I find it difficult to pick up another book by the same author after finishing one before. I know this is completely bizarre and psychological, but I don't want to feel like I have finished a book because I've come to the last page and then have to pick up another book. It'd be different if it was a normal series but it isn't. I'm probably just being completely weird but I just want to be able to read parts 1-3 in one go, as one book. What's the point in publishing the third book a week later? It just frustrates me!

    So I am currently waiting to get my fingers on 1Q84 and trying to resist running down to the bookshop just to get a feel of it.


  11. Bellezza, I knew you would blog something about Murakami – love the links! I've been reading stuff on the Gurdian and the Atlantic about this release. It all got me more excited to read the book 🙂 Just got my copy today and I'm already looking forward to starting it this weekend (although that may change depending how I feel – been feeling rather ill lately, so not really up for reading or anything for that matter – of course it is Murakami, so we'll see). I want to take it slow, because I want it all to sink in and I just want to enjoy the brilliant world of Murakami – so I get you wanting to spend time with the book, too 🙂 Enjoy and I can't wait to find out what you think of it!


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