Origami Stars…Origami Wreaths…Original Ways I’ll Decorate My Classroom

Don’t tell Alexandre Dumas. I used the pages from my paperback edition of The Count of Monte Cristo for some things I wanted to make out of origami. (Read, reuse, recycle, right?)

First, I tore out the pages:

Then, I cut them into 4cm by 8 cm rectangles:

to make little dog-eared pieces like this:

By inserting one into the other, all eight together make a wreath like this:

which I plan on hanging from real pine branches (thank you, storms from the Springtime) in my classroom with these:

Aren’t they intriguing when piled on top of each other?
I can only imagine them suspended from a green silk ribbon, gently swaying above our desks…It’s projects like this which make me excited to go back to school. As if I was eight years old myself.
(If you want to make the wreath, I found the directions here. As to the stars, they’re in one of my origami books.)

23 thoughts on “Origami Stars…Origami Wreaths…Original Ways I’ll Decorate My Classroom”

  1. Woooow! This is a great idea!!! I think I might do it with my 6th graders. I am sure they would want to decorate their classroom with origami made of books… Hmm, but there just one little question: what books to use? 🙂


  2. So beautiful! I have an origami book around here somewhere, but I always have a hard time trying new designs. 🙂 These I'll have to give a go!


  3. Beautiful stars, Bellezza! I would love to see how they look like when they are suspended from a green ribbon 🙂 But you ripped pages off an Alexandre Dumas novel? Really?? 🙂


  4. Chrisbookarama, so glad I inspired you! They're not hard at all, and I'd love to see your finished product. Now that I've made these, I hardly want to put them any where else but my hosue. I keep thinking of them on Christmas trees, or suspended over my bed… 😉


  5. Allie, sometimes it helps to try directionsn on line (especially if there's an accompanying video) until you learn some of the major folds. It can be a bit tricky and require some deciphering! I bet your middle school kids (that's what you teach, right?) would like these, too.


  6. Frances, it's so funny that you suggested using 'destroyed' children's books…the whole time I was folding these I kept thinking of the Fun With Dick and Jane books I had as readers in elementary school. They'd make such pretty ornaments with their illustrations, although they'd be too valuable to cut up.


  7. I'll admit, the idea of ripping the pages out of any book that isn't a notebook, regardless of quality of the writing within it, makes my hackles rise. The origami looks good though.


  8. Yeah, it's taken me several decades to even broach the idea…but, I think it's a good use for books I'll never read again. Even though I usually pass them on to others. It's an even better way to enhance my room, by surrounding the students with text. For those reasons, I'm at peace with ripping out some (not all) pages from my books.


  9. Ha, ha, ha! Yes, definitely it does 🙂 I also liked your comment about surrounding the students with text. I remember when I was a child, gazing at text like that catching snippets here and there and wanting to find the book or article where it was from and wanting to read the original source. I think this origami might inspire your students in many interesting ways 🙂


  10. Vishy, that said, yesterday I found a picture book illustrated by Marc Brown (a beloved illustrator here in the states) which I ripped apart to make colorful stars. They're so bright and beautiful they make these look really dull. But, I think they're better suited to an elementary room, and I just may keep the printed ones for me. We'll see. 😉


  11. Bookfool, believe it or not, I was actually remembering how much you love this book as I tore the page. I said a little prayer for you, and hoped that you wouldn't mind the print would be eternally hung before our eyes. 😉 xo


  12. beautiful – beautiful! I would actually only use my favorite books for a decoration like this, no way I would have crappy literature hanging around my head!


  13. I hope you'll take a picture of your classroom. Or at least the hanging wreaths. Thanks for posting this. I always love to read about your school activities and ideas. Your students are very blessed. I hope you have a wonderful first week back at school. Won't be long now, eh? This summer FLEW!!


  14. Omstreifer, your comment made me smile so much! Only my favorite literature hanging above my head…what a great thought!Les, I can't believe how quickly this summer flew! I spent almost every day with my parents as it is our time to catch up with each other. Now I'm facing going back, and I need a little project to amp up my enthusiasm. Teaching the kids? Great. All the other bullshit in terms of data collection, meetings, duties? Bullshit. It's really wearing me down, but that's a post for another day. Thanks for listening to my teaching thoughts for four years now.


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