24 thoughts on “Oh, Those Japanese…Even Their Bookshelves Are Perfect”

  1. Gives a whole new meaning to "a place for everything, and everything in its place" doesn't it? I mean, I'd even have room for my perfume collection in this home!


  2. My boyfriend shared these photos with me a while back (he follows some architecture and design blogs) and we have been fantasizing about living in a house like this ever since!


  3. I've seen this design a couple of times now. Apparently, the architect has done a large library like this. I find I'm uncomfortable with this design. I'm sure we could fill all of the shelves in a house like this one but I think the result would frighten me. All those shelves. Filled with books. Would it be like finding your refrigerator completely full of chocolate every time you opened? That might be cool at first, but after a while….


  4. C. B. James, I know what you mean. But, I don't think I'd fill every shelf. Being of a minimalist nature, I find something soothing in leaving many (most) of them empty. The challenge would be not to fill them, wouldn't it! I like your analogy to the the fridge with chocolate…


  5. Wait, no more piles on the floor?! A person might get used to that. But I agree that there would have to be some shelves left blank. Otherwise one might feel, umm, boxed, in.


  6. Parrish, trust you to know of such a site. It was really great; I was fascinated by all the pictures! It's so interesting, both design wise and psychologically, how people organize, stack, arrange their books. My husband had built in shelves put on either side of our fireplace, and while at first they seemed plenty large enough? They're now filled three deep. I think I may have to refer to "your" site for ideas! Or, hire this Japanese architect for my own little home. How lovely would that be?!


  7. So lovely! It reminds me a little bit of the Ikea Expedit storage system, which I've seen done floor to ceiling and wall to wall in a room, to pretty spectacular results.


  8. Interesting concept, but it's a bit to square fo my liking.I've started making my own bookshelves with wooden wine boxes arranged in a pyramid, so i can add some as needed. It's a bit softer to the eye…Em


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