A Good Day for Book Shopping…and Two Prizes for The JLC5 To Boot

Who would think that in the last half hour before the AAUW closed down their used book sale, I would find these gorgeous stacks of books? (Carried home, and unpacked, by my dear husband in the background. Of whom only his tummy shows.)

While I was being rushed along (“C’mon, people, there are fifteen minutes left. At $7.00 a bag, just fill one up and let’s go!”), I even managed to find a 1973 edition of a Mishima novel:

and not long afterward an Ishiguro:

Surely this bodes well for the participants in my Japanese Literature Challenge 5, as these two books will be given out in the weeks to come. It was a lucky day for us bibliophiles, that’s for sure.

21 thoughts on “A Good Day for Book Shopping…and Two Prizes for The JLC5 To Boot”

  1. What a great bunch of books! Some oldies – The Thorn Birds – and I spotted a big, thick, one which is a favorite of mine from way, way back – And Ladies of the Club. Such a great book. Doesn't move fast, but so wonderful. Wrote a post about it a year or so ago. Enjoy, enjoy!!


  2. I see some good books peeking through the pile 🙂 I pretty much do not buy books any longer, I use my nook, the prices of books are so reasonable, it works out well for me.I do miss books, do not get me wrong 🙂 the packages at the door, the smell, feel of paper.I think you mentioned having a nook/kindle once on a plain trip, how do you like it? A wonderful Sunday to you Meredith


  3. It must be the most amazing feeling ever! I wish I was there! Enjoy your purchase Bellezza. :)p/s: are you visiting my wordpress blog? I don't have blogger comment trouble. (hint, hint)


  4. Gosh, what a haul! And we possible winners sure do appreciate it 🙂 Never let me go is so fantastic, surprised people didn't fight over that copy.


  5. Oh, what lovely finds! So I thought I was the only one having luck at a used book sale… found two books for the JLC5. Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami, and The Samurai’s Garden by Gail Tsukiyama. Just posted my whole list… forty books altogether!


  6. Ooh, I spot a copy of The Thorn Birds! I read that back in 1982 or so and would love to read it again. Maybe I'll get it on audio…


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