Gormenghast Read Along: Week Two of Titus Groan

It seems that the darker side of many natures is now being exposed.

The twins Cora and Clarice, sisters of Lord Sepulchrave, long for power. This provides the perfect opportunity for Steerpike to lead them in plotting an act of arson within Lord Sepulchrave’s library. He tells them, “..if he lost his books, he would be all but defeated…it is his library that our first thrust must be directed. You must have your rights,” he added hotly. ‘It is only fair that you should have your rights.’

How our longings, what we deem to be justly ours, weakens us. These ladies, none too bright even without Steerpike’s influence, seem ripe for his plan.

We also have Keda who has returned to her home outside of the castle. There, she is torn between two men: Rantel and Braigon. It is not clear to me, nor perhaps to her, whom she will choose. They must battle it out between them for her hand.

Curiouser and curiouser, we come to the peak of this novel. Who will live, or die, or come to power in Gormenghast?

Find more thoughts from Jackie, our hostess, and Falaise.

4 thoughts on “Gormenghast Read Along: Week Two of Titus Groan”

  1. I think there's been a real increase in momentum in this section of the book and it's really going to take off from here.I still don't see the point of Keda though!


  2. Nor the point of her two suitors…I completely agree with you, Keda and the two lovers still baffle me.It is interesting, though, how love seems to exist more outside of the castle than within.


  3. Yes, the pace is really picking up now. I read this section a lot quicker than the first; maybe not in terms of actual time spent reading, but I found I was able to read larger chunks at once. I have completly changed my opinion of Keda through this section. I had a lot of sympathy for her at first, but I found her ability to go from from man straight to the next very annoying.I can't wait to find out what happens next.


  4. Jackie, by now I've finished the book (there's something about read-alongs where I have to know what's happening, and so I move on ahead), but I won't spoil any surprises, of course, in the posts to come.I don't much like Keda, either, and I'm baffled as to her two suitors. Which we'll have to discuss at a later date. I can see the charm in Steerpike, though. A cunning, although devious, guy he seems to have a lot of inner strength. Something I always admire in a person.


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