For Bookfool, Whose Kitty Can Read. Whereas Ours Just Lives in Hope.

If you’re going to take our dog, Henry, out for a walk, you just might have to look under the little table by the front door. Because that’s where Samantha waits, longing to be invited.

She’s a darling little kitty, given to my son when I didn’t even like kitties. But she’s grown on me, and now I love this little creature who sleeps at the foot of my bed.
She looks very much like Bookfool’s Fiona:
Only, I’ve seen pictures where Fiona can read.

And I think she needs to teach Samantha. (Can we arrange some tutoring over the Summer, Bookfool?)

13 thoughts on “For Bookfool, Whose Kitty Can Read. Whereas Ours Just Lives in Hope.”

  1. What a pretty cat!I was not a cat person until I got married. Matt had an adult cat, Hemi, and she was such a sweetheart that I fell in love. She was really lonely being home by herself a lot, so we adopted Sparty as a kitten to keep her company. Then I found a kitten abandoned at the park and well…Lily is a permanent part of the family now too. I don't know what I would do without my kitties now! 🙂


  2. Samantha is beautiful! She has such a sweet, girly face, doesn't she? Would I like to tutor her? Well, you must know cats are very contrary about their reading, but . . . um, yeah. ROAD TRIP!!!Thanks so much for finally sharing pictures of Samantha!!!!


  3. Allie, I can totally understand not liking cats and then becoming a convert! I can't imagine our house without them (we have two now), even when I'm irked about all the vacuuming I have to do. I think the abandoned ones are the best. They're the ones who love back the most.Bookfool, see, your nudge worked! I'll post more from time to time, but this little six pound kitty moves so quickly it's hard to capture a shot which isn't blurry. Can you see how our two resemble each other? I mean, yours has white paws, and she can read, but other than that they're very similar.


  4. Loved this post! I too have a cat that my ex-husband brought home one day after finding her as a kitten in a supermarket parking lot. And then, like Allie, I too have adopted another kitten someone else has found on the streets to keep company to the first.Both Samantha and Fiona are lovely. I wish my kitties could read too. Perhaps Fiona could go on a tour sharing her gift of literacy with other people's cats?


  5. Kay, I think kitties need company. Or, at least that's how I justify having two. That, and the fact that I like rescuing abandoned creatures. Fiona needs to be a teacher, for sure! I bet she'd have a way of reaching every kind of learner.Holly, glad to bring a smile. 🙂


  6. Thank you, BermudaOnion and Kathleen. She's a wee bit of a thing, only six pounds and full grown, but you can even see from these pictures how dainty she is. I should be so graceful.


  7. Beautiful pictures and beautiful post, Bellezza! Your cat Samantha is so beautiful! I love cats because they are complex personalities, they are difficult to befriend and they are demanding friends 🙂


  8. Vishy, I used to actually dislike cats (isn't that terrible of me?). Now, their aloof personalities, combined with a hint of mystery, intrigues me. You can cuddle them like a dog, but they are quite wonderful in and of themselves, I agree with you. You said it beautifully in your comment.


  9. I know what you mean. I take a lot of photos of cats sleeping or sitting in windows — and still they try to evade me. Samantha's a tiny girl, like my Isabel! Fiona weighs 13 pounds!!! Izzy, on the other hand, is a delicate little creature of about 5-6 pounds and insists that she's handled as such. Don't you love their personalities? 🙂


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