Mailbox Monday

Into my mailbox this week came two exciting books:

The first is Mercy by Jussi Adler-Olsen. It comes from Penguin with the following praise for its author and his book: 
  • Winner of the Reader’s Book Award (Denmark) 2010
  • Danish Thriller of the Year 2010
  • Winner of the Golden Laurels award-Denmark’s top literary accolade
  • Winner of the Glass Key Award 2010 for best Nordic Crime Thriller, previously awarded to Jo Nesbo, Stieg Larsson and Henning Mankell
In Denmark, Mercy hit No. 1 in the bestsellers list and remained in the Top 3 for over a year.

Featuring a diverse cast of exceptionally well-crafted characters and a terrifying premise, prepare to beg for mercy as Denmark’s king of crime fiction is translated into English for the very first time…
Sometimes you get a second chance. Carl Morck used to be a good homicide detective. One of Copenhagen’s best, in fact. Then a bullet almost took his life. Two of his colleagues weren’t so lucky, and Carl, because he didn’t draw his gun, blames himself. Now his erratic behaviour is going to cost him his job. It’s just a matter of time.
So promotion is the last thing he expects. Newly created Department Q deals with ‘cases of special focus’. His former colleagues think it’s a joke-a- home for hopeless cases. Carl, leading it, will fit right in. Except that his first case is that of missing politician Merete Lynggaard. She vanished five years ago. Everyone assumes she’s dead. Everyone assumes it’s a waste of time.
Everyone, that is, except Carl. Because Merete isn’t dead-at least not yet.

The second is Sea Escape by Lynn Griffin sent by Simon and Schuster.
In Sea Escape, wounds of love, sacrifice and betrayal are veiled in mystery until the discovery of private letters reveals long-hidden secrets that set a grieving daughter free to forgive her mother, he father, and ultimately herself. With clear vision into the tender complexities of the female heart, Lynne Griffin has artfully crafted a rich, multigenerational story.” ~Beth Hoffman, bestselling author of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

So excited for Summer to begin so I can read all day…did you have anything exciting in your mailbox?

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16 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday”

  1. I'm going to have to confess to being more enamored by the first book, as a male, the complexities of the female heart are about as familiar as certain areas of the mariana trench & as deep.


  2. Parrish Lantern, I'm absolutely more enthralled with the first one. In fact, I started it last night. I've been much more in the mood for thrillers and heroes lately. Believe me, female hearts can be confusing to females, too. :)Arti, it was a good day!Bibliophile by the Sea, I've actually read Sea Escape before…last summer, I think. I'll send you this one of you give me your mailing address.


  3. LOL….Now that I think about it and search my blog, I read it as well (in hardcover) last year….the aging mind is a dangerous thing. However, in my defense, that gorgeous cover just threw me.Thanks for the generous offer.


  4. OK, you can sign me up for both of them. LOLThe mystery of course, but also the one featuring family dynamics. Another interesting topic for me.


  5. Nothing yet, but I am looking forward to getting "Grace Williams says it Loud" which I ordered 10 days ago and it's still not here 😦 Enjoy your great readings, I'm sure!


  6. Pretties! Don't you love a fresh new book? I got one in the mail from PaperbackSwap, today, and I'm quite excited about it: Henrietta Sees It Through by Joyce Dennys. I've been working very hard at collecting books from this particular Bloomsbury series, so I'm always thrilled when another one walks in my door.And, now . . . don't you think it's about time for a kitty pic? Nudge, nudge. 😉


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