One Book, Two Book, Three Book, Four…

Seen at Rochester Reader, Books as Food, and originating at Stuck in A Book, we have a “quick bit of fun” regarding our reading status…

The book I’m currently reading:  The Paper Garden by Molly Peacock, a fascinating book about Mary Delany whose mosiacs of botanicals from the 1700’s are still on display in the British Museum.

The last book I finished: Ordinary Thunderstorms by William Boyd, a novel where being in the wrong place at the wrong time can have disastrous consequences in one’s life.

The next book I want to read: The Lake by Banana Yoshimoto, the newest release from this fabulous Japanese author. More give-aways coming in my Japanese Literature Challenge 5 to begin this June.

The last book I bought: The Virginian by Owen Wister, for C. B. James’ challenge, as I hear it’s a definitive Western novel.

The last book that was given to me: Little Boy Lost by Marghanita Laski from Nymeth at Things Mean A Lot as my Persephone Secret Santa. It moved me to tears in a good way.

And you? Are you willing to play?

17 thoughts on “One Book, Two Book, Three Book, Four…”

  1. The Book I've just finished Villain by Shuichi Yoshida.The I'm also reading at the mo, Surrealist Love Poems edited by Mary Ann Cawsthe next book I want to read Tomorrow Pamplona by Jan Van Mersbergen, and the last book given to me was either a bookmooched 7 Japanese tales by Junichiro Tanizaki or the selected poems of Ted Hughes.


  2. Ooo, I love that mosaic and that is quite the collection of reading material. Envying you that copy of The Paper Garden, and knowing how much you have been waiting for The Lake. Happy reading!


  3. Your mosaic is beautifully composed! I love the cover of The Lake and it sounds intriguing. A lovely array of books and the Little Boy Lost cover always gets me… I have a plain old hardback awaiting my attention… but am I brave enough yet?


  4. I'm game!I'm currently reading Tolstoy and the Purple Chair by Nina Sankovitch. It's being marketed as a year that the author read a book a day but it's more of a memoir about grief and living after the death of her sister.The last book I finished was Zeus: King of the Gods by George O'Connor. It's a graphic novel and the perfect introduction of Greek mythology to both adults and kids.The next book I want to read is How Lamar's Bad Prank won a Bubba-Sized Trophy by Crystal Allen. It's a middle school book that's due back at the library on Tuesday so it's at the top of my tbr pile.Last book bought was the Zeus book while the last book given was Lucille Clifton's Blessing the Boats. I won it in a contest. Happy reading and have a great weekend!


  5. Parrish, you are really whetting my appetite with not only Japanese literature (c'mon JLC5!) but poetry as well.Frances, I will have a review of The Lake up by the end of the month (hopefully even sooner, after I read for The Classics Circuit 'due' May 19th). The Paper Garden is indeed a fascinating book, so exciting to read of a real artist in a mixed media, but mostly paper, field.Cristina, jump into Little Boy Lost. I was afraid I'd be devastated, but au contraire; it's a wonderful, wonderful book.Vasilly, you left me so many titles I want to read now! I love Russian literature, but who can read a book a day?! Especially while grieving? I can't even read when I'm worrying. I'm reading The Lightning Thief to my class, and they love it, so I'll have to mention Zeus to them next. They're crazy about graphic novels, too. Thanks for leaving such a complete comment about all you've read!


  6. I need to learn how to make such a mosaic! I don't feel able to organize my reading the way you did as it is late here, but what an interesting meme! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Lake!


  7. I too need to learn how to do what you've done with the image…. I love it. I also love the questions as a quick review. My reading has sort of come to a stand still, and I recently told my friend Karen at Bookbath that I wasn't inspired to read. But I change my mide, Lake llok fabulous and I cant wait to get it. Also, Karen recently posted on 'The Tigers Wife' – looks good too.


  8. Suko, the mosiacs are so easy…just use Picasa free from Google. I can't wait to get to The Lake, either! It seems to be taking me awhile to get there as I've committed to certain reviews first.Stu, I'm looking forward to you telling more about the fiction you read from a new publisher. Hope it's a good read for you!Tamara, my reading was at a definite standstill. I realize that I just can't read when I'm super busy or super worried, as I have been of late. I'm looking forward to The Tiger's Wife, too. In fact, all of the books in my sidebar are calling my name. Here's to us getting our groove back. 😉


  9. It was definitely one of the best reads of the year, Lola, and I hope you can pick it up some day. I was afraid I'd be sad…but I wasn't. At all.


  10. What a great collage of books. I'm very curious about the new Yoshimoto and Little Boy List has been on my tbr for a while now.


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