Sunday Salon: In the Ninth Hour, So To Speak

My husband and I greeted at the 8:00 a.m. service. “Don’t make me wait,” he said, as he’s rather fanatical about being on time Sunday morning, and I’ve been racing ever since.

But, the last dish has been washed, the last bits of dinner have been put in the fridge, and we’re awaiting the third episode of Upstairs, Downstairs.

I have a few moments to leave you with the photograph of the Easter basket my parents brought me. Filled with fruit, biscotti, nuts, and my favorite Hero jam. Not a chocolate bunny to be found, but I wouldn’t expect anything ordinary from them. Nor anything that could be considered bad for you; they are far too loving for that.

And now that I can read? I’m sitting here paralyzed, too overcome by delicious possibilites to choose just one book. Perhaps tomorrow night. With a piece of fruit.

Have a wonderful week!

18 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: In the Ninth Hour, So To Speak”

  1. My dad always bought me something for Easter (and Valentine's Day) so I really missed his presence today. It was never anything big, but it was always thoughtful. Happy Easter!


  2. Happy Easter to you, Dolce. Glad it was a beautiful (albeit hectic) day. Enjoy your evening, and I can't wait for you to get back to reading so I can see your reviews!


  3. I see those Nonni's biscotti! They are wonderful.I gave my mother her basket filled with everything bad – Dove eggs and bunny, chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, and her favorite Peeps. We'd never heard of putting Peeps in the microwave, but today was the day. It was such fun!


  4. You're making me feel bad. I called my youngest son – 12 hours away at college – and said that the Easter bunny had been a tad tied up. Didn't get a basket to him. I DID remember that it is his birthday next week. I'm good for something.Hope you had a lovely Easter. Enjoy that basket.


  5. Happy Easter – the basket looks scrumptious. Also, kudos for being able to stay away from books for so long – I don't think I'd be able to do that. Good luck choosing a book – I voted for Norwegian Wood, for what that's worth. It was my first Murakami…


  6. What a nice Easter basket!! I actually dashed over here to see what you decided to read. Oh, no! Can't decide, eh? So . . . just grab The Lake, okay? I need to know whether it's as good as it looks.Selfish Bookfool


  7. Selfish Bookfool, ha! I think I will have to grab The Lake, especially since you want to know how it is. Not to mention the others who are voting that way as well. I'd love it if you'd enjoy Japanese literature as I do. You and Lesley, both. 🙂


  8. What a lovely Easter basket! (Even if I do have an excessive fondness for chocolate.) I don't often think of biscotti, but sometimes they can be just the thing. I think this last episode of Upstairs, Downstairs was my favorite of the three. I've never seen the original so I don't know how they compare…Enjoy whichever book (or books!) you've picked!


  9. Happy belated Easter! Hope you had a wonderful time :)Ive been thinking of watching Upstairs Downstairs, want to convince me to give it a try? 😀


  10. Well, Bina, I wish I could give you a good argument for watching the newest rendition of Upstairs, Downstairs, but it was only a three part series! What I suggest is watching the ones first produced ages ago; they truly are exceptional. I'm a Masterpiece Theater addict, though, which I'd rather watch than 99.9% of the television available. So sad we don't get much of the BBC here in Illinois…


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