The End is Nigh

As I come to the conclusion of my Lenten promise to read only the Bible for 46 days, it feels that I should have something terribly profound to say. And I’ve been wondering for the past couple of days what that could be. I’m not a pastor, or a teacher of doctrine, only a woman of faith walking through each day as it comes.

Carol called several days ago. She’s the one who committed to read the Bible with me. She’s the one who suggested that there would be a huge blessing from it. “Well,” she said, “I guess you didn’t get a blessing after all.” This comment came from our discussion over how I’d spent the last part of Spring Break, and the subsequent two weekends, in the hospital with my mother. That I’d struggled and fussed over my father bringing her home those many miles from Naples, Florida to Naperville, Illinois.

But, it’s not true. I did have a blessing from reading only the Word. I felt Him walk with me through every difficult step. I felt His reassurance, most especially through the Psalms. I felt encouraged and strengthened as I realized I had to relinquish everything; nothing is in my control although I’d like to believe otherwise.

As I reflect over the last 45 days I find a certain beauty in the ‘sacrifice’. There was a simplified focus to my reading. A restoration to my spirit. An awareness of His presence through trial. A sense of discipline that is too easy for me to let slip by as I tend to indulge my every fancy. So there were lots of blessings, after all.

And, there’s a request for forgiveness. Yesterday, as I reread the crucifixion story, and realized all the suffering He endured, I felt ashamed of complaining. Because I miss my books more than anything. But they don’t compare to His sacrifice.

May every blessing rest on you tomorrow and the in the days to come.

Happy Easter,

13 thoughts on “The End is Nigh”

  1. Happy Easter! I don't know that I could have only read the Bible for 46 days. I admire you for sticking with your promise and am happy to hear that you were blessed by it.


  2. There is always blessing…that is the nature of our Lord! And I am with you….reading and remembering all He endured yesterday makes me realize that I have nothing to complain about, only so much to be thankful for!!!Blessings to you, my friend, as you celebrate His resurrection tomorrow!! He is Risen!!!


  3. He is Risen indeed! Did you see the cross in my photograph? My father made it for my confirmation in 1973, and my mother had it engraved (that's how I remember the date). I always wear it for Easter, but I think I should wear it more often in the year. Blessings on you, Sara, as you celebrate the Resurrection tomorrow.


  4. XMary now speaks to Christ;"Are you my son? – or God?You are nailed to the cross.Where lies my homeward road?How can I close my eyes,uncertain and afraid?Are you dead? – or alive?Are you my son? – or God?"Christ speaks to her in turn;" Whether dead or alive,Woman It's all same -Son or God, I am thine."Joseph Brodsky.I tweeted this Poem, this morning. With the reasoning that although It's a Poem set at the crucifixion, So was relevant now. It also is through the eyes of a mother, making it's relevance more universal & I have placed it here for you because I thought you'd appreciate, all its relevances.


  5. Happy Easter, Bellezza!I just wanted to say that your posts about reading the Bible for 46 days felt like a blessing to me. I wouldn't have thought to do it if you hadn't mentioned it, and while I didn't make the kind of commitment you did, I did get myself a study Bible and spent some time with it during Lent. So many thanks, and a very Happy Easter season to you! Col


  6. Happy Easter, Bellezza! I'm so glad that your chosen path was fruitful for you, and that you were willing to share it with us. I had the rather extraordinary experience of ending my own discipline at day 40 with no sense of guilt or failure. I had a new task set before me, and the truth is the previous 40 days had helped prepare me for it. What more could we ask of any discipline?Blessings to you and yours for the day, and for the season to come.


  7. I'm so impressed with your commitment to this project, and am thankful that throughout this more challenging personal time, it ws at this point that it could speak to you the the loudest. Perhaps this was a definite reason you felt inclined to do this during this point – a higher power knew that it was the right time.


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