Monday Mailbox…With a Shot of Espresso

As exciting it is to receive these from Picador, Bloomsbury and Gotham books…

almost better is what is in the background:

a DeLonghi coffee/espresso/cappuccino maker made in Italy, which was on our doorstop upon returning from Naples.

Sorry, Starbucks, at almost 5 bucks a pop for one grande cappuccino, I’ll be making my own from now on. As to the books, most of them are already in my sidebar. Except for one unexpected surprise from my friend Lesley, to be revealed at a later date. Around the time the Japanese Literature Challenge 5 starts.

More mailbox finds can be found at Passages To The Past.

18 thoughts on “Monday Mailbox…With a Shot of Espresso”

  1. Very exciting (and the books are probably, too…) You might be more sophisticated about all this than I am, so just ignore me, but if your machine takes ESE pods (the flat, hockey-puckish ones) you can sometimes buy them at Starbucks. They're less expensive there and they work better for me, at least, than trying to tamp in the ground espresso and get it right.


  2. Glad to hear that the Japanese Lit Challenge will start again this year. Now I have a chance to join! There's nothing better than receiving books through the mail.


  3. How fantastic, enjoy (with a great book 😀 )! Starbucks coffee pretty much sucks, at least in my opinion. I much prefer Nero or Costa when I'm in the UK.


  4. What a great combination – books and hot drinks. I actually think nearly 5 dollars is not too bad for a grande – a small (tall in Starbucks languarge) here in Australia is at least $3.50 and generally average!


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