20 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again”

  1. You for got the "jiggety jig" in your title!! :)looks like a wonderful vacation!!! hope you have a good week as you settle back into the routine of life!


  2. Some very familiar sights – was that Vergina on 5th Ave? I have one more day here (sigh) and then it's back to the "wintry mix" forecast for Detroit.I hope you've been rested and restored as I have this week.


  3. I've enjoyed all your Naples photos… Now I don't need a caption from your last post. 😉 So our snow is finally melting, but it's slushy and muddy all over. Thanks for the virtual vacation here!


  4. LOVELY photos!! My favorites: the bikes, of course. And the older couple in silhouete (sp?). Are these your parents? If so, this is a photo to print (8×10) and frame! Wonderful!!


  5. Les, it's so good to hear from you, a consumate photographer, that the photos are 'lovely'. (In capitals. 😉 The couple is my parents. They have a tendency to walk fast, so try as I might to snap quickly, I can never quite frame the picture as carefully as I'd like. The palms look like they're bending here, but honestly they weren't. I'll see how it enlarges to see if it's worthy framing. Want to hear about your new bike, by the way!


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