The New Testament In a Week…Will You Join Us?

Becky and I have been having an interesting conversation about reading the Bible. When she found out that I planned on only reading the Bible for Lent, she told me that she was thinking of reading the New Testament during that time. Then, she expanded that idea into a how-much-of-the-New-Testament-can-you-read-in-48-hours-challenge which turned into a week.

April 11 through April 17, to be exact.

Here are her rules:

  • You may read from any translation of the Bible. 
  • You may switch translations throughout the week, if you want. 
  • You may use a text-only Bible, or a study Bible.
  • You may use an audio bible, an e-Bible, or an online Bible.
  • You may read the books in ANY order.
  • If you would like to follow an exact plan, you may. Here is one I found to do the New Testament in a week.
  • You may reread certain books if you would like to take some time to meditate on what you’re reading.
  • If you finish reading the New Testament early, consider reading Psalm 119, Psalm 22, Psalms 113-118, Exodus 12, Isaiah 40-66.
  • No blog is required, but you may blog your progress if you like.

Now, you might be like many of my friends who have never read the Bible before. Ever. And this would be the perfect time to give it a try. Or, you might be a person who’s read it sporadically; for Sunday School, say, or daily devotions.

But, I can give you  my word that I truly love reading it continuously. I’m not reading a chapter here, a chapter there, putting it down and then completely forgetting where each character fits into the context. By reading it all in a go, it flows. It flows like a novel in many ways.

You don’t have to read the whole book. You don’t have to read any of it. But, I’d love it if a few of you would consider joining Becky and me for this week in April.

It would be wonderful to have your company.

8 thoughts on “The New Testament In a Week…Will You Join Us?”

  1. I'm tied up reading advance review copies during this time or I'd be tempted to join you. I look forward to you sharing some of the things you enjoy about it this time around.


  2. Kathleen, I'm not going to make this a big obligatory read…I'm just going to see how much of the New Testament I do read during the week. I don't like turning reading into a duty, let alone His Word. :)Hopefully, a few people will be willing to try a chapter or two during this timeframe without feeling any undue pressure.


  3. Yes, it's not about finishing for the sake of finishing. That would be a horrible way to view Scripture! No, it's something to be enjoyed and treasure.


  4. I am going to join you — I think it would be a lovely way to lead into Holy Week. I don't think I can possibly read the whole New Testament at this point in the semester, but I'm going to see how far I get. Thanks for the invitation (although I'm responding late, which is a total Col-thing).


  5. Amen, Becky!Caitlin, I love my KJV. Just read the Psalms on the plane right home to Chicao in that, my preferred, translation. They are so soothing to me!Col, so glad you're joining in! I agree, that this will be a great way to enter Holy Week. I'm still thinking about all the ways reading only the Bible has blessed me for the last several weeks of Lent. A post will be forthcoming in a few weeks more.


  6. Yippee, Claire! So very excited that you're joining in! Won't this be an extra blessing before Easter? I can't tell you how much reading only the Word has been yo me these past few weeks. Well, I will post about it more thoroughly later.


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