Persephone Reading Weekend: Update for Sunday

My son caught Minou reading Susan Glaspell’s Fidelity with me as we waited for dinner to finish roasting.

So many thoughts about this novel, especially in light of Book Snob’s post on To Bed With Grand Music.

Is there ever a point where having an affair can be excused? At what point do those who judge overlook their own faults? Is there a difference between one who sleeps with her married lover because their passion is consuming, and one who sleeps with many because she is unfulfilled with her life?

As these thoughts swirl through my mind, and I complete this novel, I hope to have a review of Fidelity up by the end of the evening. The end, sadly, of Persephone Reading Weekend.

17 thoughts on “Persephone Reading Weekend: Update for Sunday”

  1. No cat, no roasting, but a very pretty snowstorm, applesauce cake in the oven and two Persephones going at once. This has been such a wonderful event..peaceful, even if the books aren't.


  2. Not sure how cute she is, dear Diane, in sore need of a thorough brushing, but she does love to read with me. And to think I never liked cats until my husband rescued this one. She's dove-grey like a Persphone, so maybe that's what I should have named her!


  3. Ah, sweet Minou. Do you think she is contemplating such serious considerations or planning a nap?Thank you so much for your sweet comment today – I cherish the contribution you make to the community and we could not host Persephone Reading Week/end without you all contributing so passionately.


  4. Claire, you're so welcome for the comment which I meant with all my heart. The addition of Persephone books, and more importantly, the friends which came with them, are one of the best parts of being a book blogger.As to Minou, not much beyond dinner time enters her little fluffhead. 🙂


  5. Thanks for the mention, and I think these two novels would be excellent reading partners. They raise so many intriguing questions. I hope you're enjoying Fidelity – it really struck me to the core.


  6. Well, Andi, the Oscars got in the way of my finishing my book (and I don't even respect the Academcy; I was just hoping so much for The King's Speech to win best picture I endured the entire twelve hours of garbage). So, I hope to post later this week.Booksnob, it's so interesting to me how parallel these two novels are in theme, although the ideals and characters are very different. Rachel, thanks. 🙂


  7. Interesting that Good Evening, Mrs. Craven is a story about an affair — very atypical in the collection. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on Panter-Downes, Bellezza. She seems to grapple with the same questions you did last night, in that story at least. I agree, the Oscars were a nightmare, but at least it was a good night for The King's Speech!


  8. Col,I didn't know that Good Evening, Mrs. Craven is also affair bound. I ordered it from, but it hasn't arrived yet. When I read it, let's talk.I was so very happy that The King's Speech received the credit it was due. So many times the Academy has not done that, in my opinion. Finally, we had a movie win which was emotionally rivetting, historically accurate, and morally encouraging. I could almost call it The King's Courage.


  9. Oh, Bookfool, I am not nearly the quality of photographer that you are in capturing all of your kitties' moods and action. I'll try to post more of them though, because truly? Minou is not the beautiful one. I love her, because she loves me, but Samantha is the gorgeous, breathtaking kitty. In fact, she looks like Fiona! 🙂


  10. Marvelous photo! What a sweet kitty, Bellezza. How do she and Henry get a long?I'm anxious to read your review for Fidelity. You've posed some interesting questions and I enjoyed reading Book Snob's review for To Bed With Grand Music. Thanks for sharing that link.


  11. Oh, Lesley, like I told Bookfool I can't believe I haven't told more stories of the kitties (and Henry!) Minou loves Henry, she snuggles against him like Marilyn Monroe, and it first he'd get this real disgusted look on his face, like "Someone get this cat out of my face." Now, they take naps on the sofa together. I'll post a picture of that soon.As to Fidelity, or infidelity, I'm glad you're anticipating that review. I'm glad you read Book Snobs' review, too, as I though she wrote so very perceptively on such a difficult topic.


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