Persephone Reading Weekend Begins…(in a few more hours for me)

I put my Persephone book from Nymeth in my Italian leather bag this morning to take to Institute Day in the hopes of reading it. Alas, the experts were too busy conducting sessions about being a learner in the 21st century, which believe me, friends, does not include anything as archaic as books.

It does include MP3 players, iPods, iPhones, laptops, digital cameras, the web, and using such programs as Animoto and in the classroom. Interesting as those were, let’s chat about that later, shall we?

Now I’m racing off to a baby shower for one of my teammates; I should probably have left twenty minutes ago, but what I want to say is this: I can’t wait to get back to my book, Little Boy Lost, tonight. There will definitely be a post about it tomorrow, and hopefully by Sunday a post about another Persephone title. Fidelity, perhaps?

We shall see. In the meantime, Happy Persephone Reading Weekend! May the pages fly!

6 thoughts on “Persephone Reading Weekend Begins…(in a few more hours for me)”

  1. It is sad to think that we are living through the time where we might be using the phrase "the good old days" to describe what reading used to be like, when we were actually holding "real" books in our hands.


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