From Sea to Snow

Yesterday we turned on the radio in the linai to hear this, “Chicago is anticipating a storm of historic proportions. It will be the storm of the century, surpassing even the blizzard of 1967.” The idiot announcer didn’t even mention the blizzard of 1979, my personal favorite, when I was a Senior in high school and spent our two snow days trying to keep my brother from hurting himself when he jumped off the roof onto the drifts below.

It is by God’s grace we arrived safely. Indeed, we were the very last flight in from Naples to O’Hare Interational Airport. I have never walked down concourses so barren of people; restaurants were empty, gates were filled with empty chairs, and even the departures/arrivals signs posted only one word: CANCELLED.

To think that I have just left behind this:

for a snow so deep, and a wind so fierce, I can’t even take pictures of it tonight.

It’s a good thing I love winter. Almost as much as I love the sea.

20 thoughts on “From Sea to Snow”

  1. those pictures are beautiful!!!! I would not be happy to leave that site for a blizzard!!! Snow is one thing I don't miss from IN!!! Stay warm and happy reading!!


  2. I enjoy the winter weather so long as I don't have to venture out, but I don't think I could be so…calm…about trading sand for snow. (Or worse, what we're getting in my area–ice!) The pictures are lovely, though.


  3. Wow, glad you made it home safely!! I've been hearing crazy things about how the storm is hammering Chicago. We're supposed to get it here in Toronto later tonight but I suspect it won't be as severe. I look forward to your snowpocalypse photos!


  4. Bellezza, I had heard about the snow in many parts of the U.S., but had no idea you were expecting the storm of the century! Hopefully, it will not be such a storm!


  5. I've walked that beach many times, and am thinking about my home in Naples with much longing this morning. I'm glad your travels weren't disrupted, but sorry you had to leave "paradise" for the winter storm.


  6. Glad you made it home safely. What a contract in weather for you. I know how I felt in early December when I returned from my trip to Hawaii and that was just Hawaii back to California! This weather is crazy. We are having temps in the high 60's here in California the last few weeks with 70's forecast for the weekend!


  7. I have a fondness for the sea, but you can have winter. I'm done. No more. I do not like to be cold! Call me next time you need a travel-mate to go to Florida. Or Hawaii. Or San Diego. Or anywhere else there's sand and sea. I'm not picky. ;)P.S. I am glad you made it home safe & sound!


  8. These are breathtaking photos! The last one, especially would look beautiful enlarged, framed and hung on the wall.I love both sea and snow and would be hard pressed to choose one over the other!


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