Just When You Think Christmas is Over

the post brings a box which is totally unexpected:

Inside the wrappings I uncovered:

all accompanied by the sweetest note from one of my oldest blogging friends. Bookfool and Lesley were the first blogging friends I had in this book blogging world, always they will be a joy and an inspiration to me. Thank you for four years of friendship and joy, both of you. Thank you, Bookfool, for knowing just what would thrill me on this rainy (in Chicago?!) New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year to all!

13 thoughts on “Just When You Think Christmas is Over”

  1. Happy new year, Bellezza! It's been so nice to meet you too! (Oh, and by the way, I thought Painted Ladies was the last Spenser, and there was something about it that made it a fitting end to the series…but there's one more coming out in the spring! I think it's called Sixkill.


  2. Somehow, I missed this post. Thank YOU for your friendship and all the joy you've brought me in the past four years. Here's to a very happy year!


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