Not Finished Yet, But It Just May Be My Favorite Book of 2010

To readers and museum visitors who are curious to know whether the pain I endured that day was owing to the death of my father or to Fusun’s absence, I would like to say that the pain of love is indivisible. The pains of true love reside at the heart of our existence; they catch hold of our most vulnerable point, rooting themselves deeper than the root of any other pain, and branching to every part of our bodies and our lives. For the hopelessly in love, the pain can be triggered by anything, whether as profound as the death of a father or as mundane as a piece of bad luck, like losing a key: such elemental pain can be flamed by any sort of spark. People whose lives have, like mine, been turned upside down by love can become convinced that all other problems will be resolved once the pain of love is gone, but in ignoring these problems they only allow them to fester. (p. 228)

I’ll have a review when I finish this book (when I finish teaching, when I finish entertaining, when I finish thank-you notes, when I finish shopping, baking, cleaning). Until then, I just want you to know how much I love this novel which is a close up look at love, relationships, Istanbul, and the mystery within all three.

18 thoughts on “Not Finished Yet, But It Just May Be My Favorite Book of 2010”

  1. I'm so glad you're loving this novel so much. I've been holding it in reserve, partly out of a need to ration my fav authors and partly out of fear that it somehow won't be as good as things like Snow or My Name is Red…I'm glad to hear my fears are misplaced!


  2. I haven't read any of Pamuk's fiction, but I loved his nonfiction books – Istanbul, and Other Colours. Some reviews of his fiction have scared me, but I'll keep this one in mind.


  3. Colleen, it's as good as Snow, but in a different way (of course). He spends a lot of time with the obsession of the main character on his love, Fusun; but it's so emotional, so raw, so interesting on so many levels. I don't think you'll be disappointed. After this, I still have My Name is Red on my shelf. Pamuk has become one of my favorite authors, alongside of Haruki Murakami.Raidergirl 3, I haven't read any of his nonfiction! Thanks for telling me!


  4. wow, i'm glad to hear you're enjoying this so much. as for the ornament i gave frances, yes, it came from the same batch as the one i gave you 🙂 I'm a little ornament-making factory.


  5. I am sooo.. happy to see you love this one. The name Orhan Pamuk has been a burning desire of mine to read one of his books. Perhaps we should read "My Name is Red" together. I haven't too.and you have read 99 books this year!!! WOW, can you finish another one and make it a 100? I would be so proud of you. 😀


  6. That passage you included was amazing. I loved it! If the rest of the book reads like the passage then it seems as if it will be a beautiful read. I'm adding this one to my TBR. Thanks, Bellezza!!


  7. Your passion about this book is so strong I think you'll have us all reading it this week. Really looking forward to seeing your review. It sounds like it's set in an amazing place and that the topic is real and meaningful for us all. Thanks.


  8. I've had a hit-and-miss relationship with Pamuk so far – The Black Book was quite disappointing, Snow was amazing. And so far I'm advancing slowly and lazily through My Name is Red. I know I'll have to read The Museum of Innocence eventually, but it'll probably be a while even though your strong feelings for the book do make me want to read this a little sooner…


  9. Biblibio, I haven't read The Black Book, but I agree that Snow was amazing. I have My Name is Red on my shelf, won long, long ago from Lotus Reads. Apparently, she reads much better than I!


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