Persephone Secret Santa Revealed for 2010

How exciting it is to anticipate the arrival of a Persephone book, especially when you don’t even know what the title will be. Several weeks ago, I came home to find the familiar white mailing envelope, stamped with the pink address of Persephone in the upper left hand corner. Upon opening the mailer, I found this:

which I refused to open further until The Right Day. Which is Now:

There’s a card bearing the message Happy Christmas (love that!) with this message:

Dear Bellezza,

I hope you’ll enjoy this book, which I picked for you both because you have enjoyed the author in the past, and because it’s one of Persephone’s best loved titles. Wishing you and your loved ones a very wonderful Christmas,

Your Secret Santa,

Ana (aka Nymeth)

It is written so beautifully that I blush at the enclosure I sent to Colleen with mine:

Merry Christmas. Love, Bellezza

So, now I have another Marghanita Laski novel to keep company with The Victorian Chaise Longue and To Bed With Grand Music. How very thoughtful of you, Ana, for sending it to me (and Claire for hosting such a lovely piece of Christmas gifting). Thank you, with all my heart.

16 thoughts on “Persephone Secret Santa Revealed for 2010”

  1. Isn't this just the best? Enjoying reading the stories as much as seeing the gifts today. Persephone readers are such a lovely group of people. Enjoy your new treasure!


  2. Oh how lovely!! I just received my first biannual thanks to your mention a few weeks ago and I've been flipping through the catalogue trying to decide which book(s) I should start with. I know you've read several–any recommendations? Marghanita Laski? :)Enjoy, Bellezza.


  3. I forgot to mention, in regards to Persephone Books, that I also got her a copy of Making of a Marchioness and a copy of Good Evening Mrs. Craven. Both are beautiful looking books. Love the art on both.


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