31 thoughts on “Snow, So Beautiful

  1. Becca, I guess I should have said I just took these photographs this morning and posted them as soon as I came in from the walk. They aren't black and white either, it's just that the day is a very gray one. Still, so beautiful to me…Bookfool, I'm loving your visits! I've missed you. 🙂 Anyway, do you miss the snow in Mississippi? I'm a four season girl, and actually, Winter is my favorite of them all. I hope you don't have to wait seven years for a decent snowfall again.


  2. I love those photos! I'm sitting here in Virginia with Ella. There was snow forecast for today, but so far, nothing. I'm watching the Pitt/Cincinnati game and glad I'm not in the stands there.


  3. Beverly, we live in a college town, and all kinds of fans were getting out of there cars to sit in the outdoor stadium for some game they're having today. Taking a walk in this? Beautiful. Sitting in it for hours? To me, not so much.I'm sure you're having a wonderful time with Ella. Have you baked Christmas cookies together yet?


  4. Bermuda Onion, I'm glad it snows where I am, too! I need it in the Winter.Audrey, I love the fresh snow, too. When I got out, though, people had already walked in it making their footprints visible. It's best when it's totally pristine, in my opinion.Diane, I've never been in a New England snow. I wonder if they're as beautiful as a Midwestern snow. ;)Sam, this particular snowfall was not slippery. It was fluffy, and the weather was warm enough that no ice had formed. However, when the snow gets a crust on it, or the streets are encased in ice, then it's so slippery I'm afraid to let my son drive in it!Simpler Past Times, any snow is worth it to me. Although most Chicagoans do not feel that way! However, I'd take a snowy day, over a hot and humid August day, any day of the year.


  5. Can you believe that I have yet to see a landscape covered with snow? We get snow here in the alpine area during winter but I've never had the inclination to go skiing…


  6. harumph! I could swear i left a comment about how gorgeous your pictures are, but I guess cyberspace ate it up! lol..they are so pretty it's hard to pic a favorite! Maybe number 2, the bridge.or.. (lol hada have an "or" lol)number 4 the close up of the water with the branch.. love them all~


  7. Love it love the gorgeous snow–and you captured the Illinois quality. At first I thought the shots were black and white too. Especially beautiful is the way the snow has adhered/frozen to the trees — as though the most Japanese of artists had "touched it up" Great vision available just outside your door. Great eyes. Annonymous M2


  8. Beautiful! 🙂 Living in Sydney, Australia we don't get snow.. I am always jealous of those who do! I have only seen snow a few times (central western NSW and Tasmania) and it was amazing! cold.. but amazing 😉 I really wish I lived somewhere that has a white Christmas!


  9. Winter's officially begun – I have snow envy!What I love most about snow is the smell-that-isn't-a-smell, and the quiet hush. The only thing better than this kind of snow in the country is a good, heavy snow in the city – the kind that forces most people indoors and gives you a wonderland to enjoy in solitude.


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