Promise Me by Richard Paul Evans

I wanted to like this book. I really did. But, maybe it was a mistake to go from Boris Pasternak to Richard Paul Evans. Or, maybe I’m just not able to appreciate romance of the more popular kind.

While the writing was awful (it sounded like a high school student’s in an Advanced Creative Writing class), I held some hope for the premise; however that, too, quickly evaporated.

Beth Cardall’s daughter, dying of cancer, makes her husband promise that he will take care of her mother. This is a promise which he keeps. However, when he entered her life, I wasn’t sure if he was an angel or a stalker. The truth behind Matthew’s mission surprised me.

There were several holes in the story, seemingly contrived for the benefit of the plot. But, if I point them out, it will spoil the secret behind Matthew. It will spoil whatever parts of the book I haven’t spoiled already.

So sorry, this book did not work for me.

9 thoughts on “Promise Me by Richard Paul Evans

  1. Thanks, Suko, I liked the red border and the snow effect for Christmas. After reading the classics, which are by far my favorite genre, everything else pales in comparison. I shouldn't even agree to review books I fear may fall into my poor graces.


  2. I agree that it is so challenging to go from reading a classic to then reading something much less engaging with a contemporary story, or one that involves a lot of the standard romance, that of the "Lifetime Channel" variety. What a shame that this didn't work for you, particularly as it is a holiday themed story, but an honest review is the most important thing! On to the next one!


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