Apparently, Santa’s Elves Are Very Busy

because into my mailbox come the most unexpected surprises. Today, it was a card from JoV, all the way from Berkshire, England:

Included inside was a set of these darling Christmas Card Hanging Pegs, no longer than an inch, with which you can suspend your cards on the 3 meter gold cord:
Now my only dilemma is where to string them? Across the kitchen window, I think, or maybe down the staircase…
Be prepared for more posts around the blog-o-sphere as the Virtual Advent Blog Tour begins on the first of December, Persephone Secret Santas are revealed on December 15, and more packages as yet undiscovered are delivered by Santa’s sleigh.

7 thoughts on “Apparently, Santa’s Elves Are Very Busy”

  1. JoV, I hardly think they look prettier in the picture than in real life. 😉 They are such a special harbinger of Christmas to me, and I thank you for sending them.


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