New Header: A Tribute to Photographer Nina Leen

It was purely by accident that I came across the famous photographer, Nina Leen. While searching for photographs of women reading, I found the one I’ve been using in my header of the woman with a Coke lying on the couch.

So taken with that photograph, I searched for more pictures by Nina. Most well known for her photographs of fashion, she worked as a photographer for LIFE magazine and also captured day to day life in the 40’s and 50’s.

I love these photographs. Unable to choose just one any longer, I learned how to make a banner with Picasa, and crude as it may be, have now represented three of my favorite photographs by her in the header. But, there are also these beauties to behold:

Model Jean Patchett

Debutant Ann Lincoln Reading While She Soaks Her Feet

Women Sitting and Reading Under Hairdryers

Aren’t they wonderful?! Who knows, I may have to add a few more into my header collage…you don’t expect it to stay the same for long, do you?

16 thoughts on “New Header: A Tribute to Photographer Nina Leen”

  1. Agh, Leswammes, that's just what I'm afraid of! The Queen of New Daily Look For One's Blog (me) I'm going to have to keep something the same soon. Still, I'm glad you like these photographs, too.


  2. I always love the look of your blog (and totally appreciate the impulse to change it frequently). These photographs are so lovely! Maybe I'll have to try Picasa…I like changing things around a lot too.


  3. Oh, Bellezza! Just look at that last photograph! Isn't that a metaphor-and-a-half? Three women reading, with open magazines and books, and one woman with her arms crossed like a stolid refusenik, her whole being closed off and shouting, "NO!"There's the world in a photograph. Thanks for the wonderful, thought-provoking images!


  4. Marvelous! I'm quite a fan of the Woman Reading portraits, and these contemporary takes on the subject are superb! I love the model soaking her feet…I used to do that when I cam in from playing in the snow 🙂


  5. Wonderful photos–thank you for introducing me to Ms. Leen. And I'm most impressed by the header!Hope your holiday was delicious, and your weekend relaxing.


  6. Beautiful, a very good find Bellezza. I love the first one the best. Holding you lover's hands is so much more than holding hands to me. It's a connection and a ring you show off to others as you walk.Have a Merry Christmas!


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