Library Loot, Because It’s Cheaper Than Even My Nook Books

After picking up Buying A Fishing Rod for My Grandfather before they took it off the Hold Shelf, I found the following treasures on the For Sale Shelf at our library:

The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu (translated and abridged by Edward G. Seidensticker which will be given away in January to one of the JLC4 participants)

That Old Ace in The Hole, a novel by Annie Proulx (who won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for The Shipping News)

A Prayer for Owen Meany, a novel by John Irving. (I’ve been longing to read more of his novels after finding out that he and Raymond Carver are Haruki Murakami’s favorite American authors. Before reading that fact, I wasn’t in any big hurry to read more of Irving’s work. I know, I’m in a huge minority there.)

Did you find anything good at the library lately, or only yet another fine? Have you read any of the books I brought home?

19 thoughts on “Library Loot, Because It’s Cheaper Than Even My Nook Books”

  1. Picky Girl, I used to get all sorts of free classics on my Nook from Barnes and Noble (83, to be exact) and now it's no longer an option. I assume they want me to bring my Nook into their store so I can fill it up with trashy novels for free. Ick.Marg and Kathy, I've heard amazing things about A Prayer for Owen Meany. Many friends have said it's their favorite book! I started it several decades ago, and now I feel compelled to read it through.


  2. I made a trip to the library yesterday, and picked up a new Peter Robinson mystery, as well as American Wife, which I never got around to reading.A Prayer for Owen Meany is one of my all time favorites. I've read it three times. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


  3. Owen Meany is epic. It's very good.Now the Fishing Rod book? Well,it didn't change my opinion of a Nobel-winning authors. (Too deep, boring. Well, calling it boring is my defense against a book that is too abstract and layered for my to really 'get' it. so I call it boring because I don't understand it)


  4. I've read that Gao Xingjian collection (plus 'Soul Mountain' and 'One Man's Bible'). As I recall, I liked them all except one, where he really lost me (must go back and look at my review again…).


  5. I saw that too, that Irving is one of Murakami's favorites. I'm sorry to say, I don't see why. Irving is fun, yes, but after book #2 I had seen it all. He has the same themes in many books and that annoys me a little. I read his last book Last Night in Twisted River a few months ago and that was OK. I haven't read Owen Meany. Hope you enjoy it.


  6. Every time I come across anything for sale at a library I just have to take a look, the books are often so cheap that it is hard to resist! I do admit that I don't often visit the library, which helps..You seem to be very lucky in your loot! I have never rad anything by Irving, but he's on my "one day" list. My dad is crazy about the World According to Garp, so I guess I had better read that someday.


  7. I just had a conversation with a woman about The Tale of Genji, and she talked me into reading it. So it went dutifully on my TBR list – hopefully someday it will get crossed off the list! 🙂


  8. I've not been to the library in far too long, but I just brought home Owen Meany for my mom from Half-Price Books. She sends me over there every couple of months, saying "Bring me whatever is big and cheap". This time, John Irving happened to fit her qualifications, so when she's done with it, I'll have the pleasure of reading it, too!


  9. (Picture a sheepish expression.) I've not been to the library for a few months now. That may be a shame, but I get so many books in the mail these days, or I go to a nearby B & N. I'd like to read A Prayer for Owen Meany–I hope it's good!


  10. See? Everytime I think about opening up A Prayer For Owen Meany it gets confirmed in quadruplicate! Now I feel I really did score at the library. (A payback for all the fines I paid as a child.)


  11. I love buying books at my library's used bookstore! I always get the best books for the lowest prices! I've not read any of these that you purchased but look forward to your reviews.


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