Hello, Japan: November’s Theme

Hello Japan! Meme

My favourite Japanese author is Haruki Murakami because he was the first one able to teach me to suspend my disbelief. He was the first author that took me to a world where I didn’t have to know every answer, or even every question. I just had to rest in his capable hands.

The best Japanese novel I’ve read this year is Out by Natsuo Kirino.

We must have at least one dedicated book question:

What Japanese author(s) or book(s) have you enjoyed that you would highly recommend to others?

What is something Japanese that you’d like to try but haven’t yet had the chance?

Living in a very small, very clean place. The minimalist style really appeals to me.

Also, I’m trying to fold 1,000 origami cranes, but I’m not even halfway finished yet. Believe me, I’ll post the picture when I am!

You’re planning to visit Japan next year. Money is not a concern. What is on the top of your list of things you most want to do?

See Tokyo? Eat udon noodles? Walk under cherry blossoms? Visit a Japanese elementary school? All of the above.

Bonus question:

What was your favourite Hello Japan! mini-challenge topic?

I loved when we wrote about manga; I also loved the assignment of comparing two works of Japanese literature. You always encourage me, Tanabata, to read something new. I have Taroko Gorge, recently mooched off of Bookmooch, waiting for me on my shelf because of your review.

16 thoughts on “Hello, Japan: November’s Theme”

  1. Now how weird is that?! I just posted a comment on your previous blog entry and mentioned how I can't wait to read Out. Then I refreshed your blog and this new entry came up with this:The best Japanese novel I've read this year is Out by Natsuo Kirino.Insert Twilight Zone music!!!


  2. Nice post, Bellezza! I haven't read my first Murakami yet, though I have read excerpts of his work. Hoping to do that soon. If you haven't read Yoko Ogawa ('The Housekeeper and the Professor', 'Hotel Iris') I would recommend her works. She writes beautifully! I thought what would I like to do if I go to Japan – go to the Cherry Blossom Festival, see winter in Sapporo, meet a Geisha, see a Sumo wrestling match 🙂


  3. Love the new look of your blog – it rocks! As for Murakami – he is amazing!! Love his work and I plan on reading some more of it for the JLC. Cheers!


  4. I don't have anything particular to say about Japanese authors; I just wanted to say how great your blog is looking these days. I love the Hello Japan button and the overall look of everything. Clean and beautiful.


  5. I really should check Banana Yoshimoto soon, been wanting to read her books but never gotten a chance to do it yet.I guess everyone who enjoy j-lit will love Haruki, but I didn't mention him in my hello japan post for now.


  6. I love that you're folding 1000 cranes! For yourself or for someone you love? *a bit worried about your health*I'm glad to see you recommend Out because it has been on my wishlist for a while and now I've moved it up.


  7. Sorry I'm so late to stop by. I love that you're folding 1000 cranes too. I definitely want to see the picture when you're done! Maybe for the Hello Japan! origami mini-challenge next year? :PI haven't read Real World yet, but completely agree with you about Out. I read it a few years ago now but it has still stayed with me. Thanks as always for taking part and sharing your love of JLit. I hope you enjoy Taroko Gorge.


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