The Persephone Biannually

It’s always a delight to come home to the mail and find it contains The Persephone Biannually. Inside are lots of treasures:

So, excuse me while I go peruse my catalogue…perhaps you may like to visit the Persephone site if you didn’t receive one?

Also, be sure to sign up for the Persephone Secret Santa  for Christmas 2010 hosted by Claire.

15 thoughts on “The Persephone Biannually”

  1. I will definitely check out the link so I can get the catalog in the future. Sadly, I have yet to own a Persephone but I am quite sure I will remedy that in the near future.


  2. samstillreading, absolutely Persephone sends internationally. You can order and send a checque or pay with a credit card. You can place an order and have it sent to a recipient such as your Secret Santa. Last year I bought a coupon for one of my friends, and she redeemed it from Persephone online.Marie, you were my very first Secret Santa. I won't soon forget opening up my book from you (The Making of a Marchioness) with the beautiful Christmas wreath ornament you included. Can you believe we've been blogging together almost a year?! Congratulations to you and Frances for having your words recorded in the Biannually!!


  3. Thank you for the link love!I love receiving the Persephone Biannually and greatly enjoyed helping to send out the international ones this year (I wonder whether yours was one I stuffed into an envelope?!)


  4. Paperback Reader, no way! You mean you actually get to go to the shop and stuff the envelopes for mailing! I'm so envious. I'd like to just go in the shop, period, let alone help out or actually be able to buy one in person. I'm just going to pretend that my envelope was filled by your capable hands. 🙂


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