16 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon…Hayride in The Woods”

  1. oh I miss all those colors!!! We get some color down here in AR, but not like up north!!! Plus we are still in the this-can't-be-fall-but-still-summer temperatures around here….ugh!


  2. Sara, if there's one thing I dislike (immensely!) it's Summer temperatures. I'm an anomoly in Chicago-land: Winter is my favorite season! I'd miss the autumn colors if I was away from them, too.Kathy, how blessed you are that you could go to Wheaton College! My mother, my aunt and uncle, and several of my cousins went there, but sadly, I didn't have the grades. Or, something. 😉


  3. OMG Bellezza!!!! I've missed you so damn much and I'm an IDIOT!! I just thought of you today when I got Immoveable Feast in the mail after ordering it and said to myself "whatever happened to my dear Bellezza???" And then I remembered that you moved back to Blogger and I never updated my feed reader! I'm so happy I found you again!! I've missed you so much! And such gorgeous pictures to come back to 🙂 *hugs*


  4. Beautiful photos, Bellezza. It's lovely to see the leaves turning colour here, too. I want to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award for the different genres you read, so please let me know (as you might have received it before).


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