The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader Film and "Read-Along"

This poster is for the release of the film in Poland on October 6. It is not planned to be released in America until December 10, 2010.

Which gives me plenty of time to reread this classic Narnia tale. Would you care to join in? I’m thinking we could post at the beginning of December, whenever around that time frame that works for you.

I, for one, want to read it again before seeing the film.

Here is the trailer for The Voyage of The Dawn Treader to whet your appetite. (So to speak.)

  1. Bellezza
  2. Frances
  3. Sara
  4. Read The Book
  5. Shelley
  6. Linda

15 thoughts on “The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader Film and "Read-Along"”

  1. First week of December: sold! I want to read it to my class. I think it's critical that children are exposed to the literature before the movie, and chances are, most parents won't read it to them. Does that sound too cynical? What I meant to say was, "Hooray! I'm glad you're in!"


  2. Good luck! The Narnia Series is one of my favourites from when I was a child. I actually tried reading the first book 'The Magician's Nephew' when I bought the set for my nephew (even though he was only 2!) but found it difficult to finish. But I'm enjoying watching the films. I have too many books to read at the moment so will be cheering from the sidelines.


  3. Sara, I'll be dusting off my childhood copy which was only in it's sixth printing at the time. It's cracked and faded but dear to my heart. I remember my mother reading me The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe when I was quite small.


  4. I'm really looking forward to the film, in fact it was the film that made me read the book again. I remember hating it when I was younger, and my memories were only of the ship, but reading it again recently I found it wonderful. Enjoy the re-read!


  5. Easily my favorite book of the series! Not sure I feel the need to read it again, but I'm eager to see the movie. The kid playing Eustace looks like the kid from Son of Rambow – I'll have to double check that. 🙂


  6. Charlie, my most vivid memory as a child was from the ship, too, most specifically when they were pulled in through the picture. The rest rather escaped me, which is why I like rereading the Narnia series as an adult.Read the Book, so nice to meet you, so glad you're joining us.Tuulenhaiven, this one is not necessarily my favorite (I think Lion, Witch and Wardrobe would get that honor, and my son loves The Horse and His Boy), but won't it be great to see the film? Disney did a good job with the first two, in my opinion.


  7. Voyage of the Dawn Treader is probably my favorite book of the series, though I probably won't re-read it before seeing the film. Not sure what the witch is doing on the poster as she was not in the book, but then again, I think I heard they put her in the Prince Caspian film where she didn't belong either.


  8. Christy, now that you mention it, why is the witch on the cover?! I think she's on the poster for the Polish release of the film, but not on the one I saw for America. In any case, you're right; she's not in either book. It's been a long time since I've read The Voyage of The Dawn Treader, so I have to refresh my memory before I see the film.


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