Monday Mailbox

Into my mailbox this week came a wide variety of genres; from short story to novel, from thriller to meditation, from Japan to Russia, all of them are exciting to me.

First, there is The Law of Attraction by Allison Leotta, an unsolicited copy which arrived from Simon and Schuster. It is being released this October. Love novels of crime and suspense, and this is a new author to me. Have you read anything by her?

Then, I have Alphabet Meditations for Teachers by Nancy Oelklaus which I will review for Eco-Libris Green Day campaign on November 10. What teacher couldn’t use a few meditations from time to time?!

Next is The Oxford Book of Japanese Short Stories by Theodore W. Goossen which I heard about from Tony. It is an authoritative collection of the very best Japanese authors. Not normally a huge fan of short stories, I’m still looking forward to reading this and becoming more familiar with each author’s style.

The work I’m most greatly anticipating opening, however, is the newly released Dr. Zhivago which I won from Frances. I loved the Peavear  and Volokhonsky translation of War and Peace which my son gave me for Christmas several years ago; how much I look forward to reading this translation of Dr. Zhivago for Frances’ read along this November.

Do any of these particularly catch your eye?

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18 thoughts on “Monday Mailbox”

  1. The novel is much more about Bolsheviks than the film, as I remember. The images from the film will always stick in my mind, though, the snowy 'castle' for one thing, and the troika for another. I love all things Russian!


  2. Each of these catches my eye! The covers are enhanced by the black backgrounds in the photos. (I took a few photos recently and did that to the backgrounds, inadvertently, but liked the looks of them.)The mailbox photo is also spectacular!Enjoy your new books. The Oxford Book of Japanese Short Stories must be an amazing book! Perfect for JLC-4.


  3. OH yes, the Doctor Zhivago! The cover is beautiful. Sadly I'm not sure where my copy is (my shelves are in complete disarray) and what version I have, but I'm currently reading the Peavear and Volokhonsky translation of Brothers Karamazov.


  4. I loved their translation of the Brothers Karamazov as well as War and Peace. I'm so looking forward to Dr. Zhivago, and I wish we could have read The Brothers K together. (I hosted a read-along of it last Winter. 😉


  5. A lot of these catch my eye- The Oxford Book of Japanese Short Stories, Law of Attraction and Doctor Zhivago (love the cover). Enjoy- my blogger aim is to one day score a book from a publisher, so well done on receiving your book!


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