Bleak House: Chapters 33 to Chapter 38

Just as I supposed: Lady Dedlock is Esther’s mother, and it is in this illustration above that they meet to discuss it on the Ghost Walk.

“I knew I was innocent of my birth, as a queen of hers; and that before my Heavenly Father I should not be punished for birth, nor a queen rewarded for it. I had had experience, in the shock of that very day, that I could, even thus soon, find comforting reconcilements to the change that had fallen on me. I renewed my resolutions, and prayed to be strengthened in them; pouring out my heart for myself, and for my unhappy mother, and feeling that the darkness of the morning was passing away. It was not upon my sleep; and when the next day’s light awoke me, it was gone.”

I love Esther Summerson for her eternally bright optimism and goodness.

I am reading this book for the Bleak House read-along hosted by Amanda at The Zen Leaf.

4 thoughts on “Bleak House: Chapters 33 to Chapter 38”

  1. What a gorgeous quote. As your reviewing Bleak house, I'm getting a look through the window into some amazing literature and some beautfil prose. I dont think I could read the whole book myself cos this paragraph took quite some time to sink in. Thanks for the reviews.


  2. Tamara, in rereading that 'gorgeous quote' it took some time for it to sink in with me as well. I think when one is reading Dickens, one is immersed in his work, and it all seems to flow much better than grabbing an isolated paragraph. Surely they all didn't seem this heavy when I was reading Bleak House.M2, there is only one mother for me. The one who's been there, thick and thin, with advice and support all my life.


  3. I did not love Esther quite so much. I have to admit that I found Caddy more relatable. She has her problems, and she cribs about them, all the while doing her duty by her husband, father, and father-in-law…I found Esther a bit too good to be true. I finished the book btw 🙂 Overall, quite satisfying. And I am planning to start on another classic right away. I think I may end up going on a Classics kick this fall!


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