16 thoughts on “Apparently, there IS a good reason for playing with your pencils…”

  1. "New" new look: that's great! And, the truth! I was feeling like a few fall leaves were in order… ;)An appalling thought struck me earlier this afternoon. What if these pencil lead sculptures are nothing but a Photoshop endeavor? Hmmm….


  2. We both love nature…sea, pinecones, whatever it happens to be. 🙂 These are pinecones I picked up in California and brought home to Illinois. They were outside by my reading child statue, but now I'm afraid they'll decay, and I won't be able to replace them. (They're HUGE!) So, I have them adorning the top of my bookshelf and down they come for Christmas to sit atop some pine boughs. Where they'll feel more at home. 😉


  3. Just wonderful! I'd seen them before, but another peek at such treasures always is good.The site you linked to isn't the original artist. If you'll note, one of the pencils is dated and has the name "Dalton" inscribed. I googled "Dalton lead pencil art" and discovered the carver's name is Dalton Ghetti. You can google him or see a bit more here.


  4. I remember pulling stubs out of my son's pockets from his days in first grade. They were ground down to the metal caps which attached the erasers; I think he spent his days sharpening, instead of writing.


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