Upcoming Events…Are You In?

Don’t forget that Frances has a Madame Bovary read-along planned for this October. Be further enticed by the newest edition of this famous novel, translated by Lydia Davis:

Before that, is the 24 Hour Read-a-thon which will be held October 9, 2010. This time, I’m not signing up to cheerlead, as in April I did a fantastic job cheerleading for the cheerleaders

However, I will be reading as much as I possibly can, having already marked the date in my calendar and cleared it of all luncheons, visits from in-laws, and household chores. It’s the only way, trust me on this one.

Most current of all is the Bleak House read-along hosted by Amanda of The Zen Leaf. After discovering that the library was closed last night, when I spontaneously signed up, I downloaded it on my Nook for $2.99. Am loving this classic Dickens’ tale. Loving. It.

Do you plan to participate in any of these bibliophile events? C’mon, you know you want to.

19 thoughts on “Upcoming Events…Are You In?”

  1. Bellezza, I'll be reading Madame B with you and Frances and Co. Would like to read Bleak House someday but am overbooked at the moment alas. Plus, JLC awaits me. Happy reading to you!


  2. I'm participating in both the Bleak House and Madame Bovary events. Although, I am not really enjoying Dickens at the moment, I am going to push on!


  3. Ooo, thanks for the heads up about the Readathon. I was just wondering when the fall date would be announced, and now I know! I couldn't do it in the spring, so hopefully it'll work out for me this time around.


  4. Im in for Mme Bovary too, cant wait for my parcel from Book Depository. I've never thought about reading Dickens (you can tell my parents didn't bring me up on literature) but now you say you're loving it, I might download it too sometime.


  5. No read-alongs for me. I can barely keep up with my book club's selection each month. This is a crazy busy time of year for me at work. Plus I'm spending as much time out on the bike trail before winter arrives. Rode for 2 1/2 hours yesterday! Pure heaven. No, really. :)We'll be out of town on the 9th, so no Read-a-Thon this year. Bummer!! 😦


  6. Having read both Madame Bovary and Bleak House in recent years, you are in for a treat. I'm a huge Dickens fan, and Bleak House is one of his best!As for the readathon, enjoy! I will be attending a trade show that weekend and can neither read nor cheer. I will be sure to clear my calendar for the spring readathon!


  7. I've signed up for the Read-a-thon although I know I'll probably have the same timing problems as last time. But I like taking part and doing the challenges.


  8. A well timed post. I know that someone is hosting a Dr Zhivago sometine in the winter but I'm not sure when and who. Can anyone enlighten me?Off to find out more about The Princess Bride….so may join in with that one.


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