While You’ve Been Blogging, I’ve Been…

creating an underwater environment for my classroom. (Note the origami turtle, swordfish, clutch of turtles, octopus, turbulent waves, and my favorite: the lobster. Whose antennae one of my kitties tried to gnaw before it went to school.)

It’s been a truly wonderful week, filled with joy as only third graders can bestow. A few of the best comments include me asking, “What is your favorite food?” (That helps me know them, and it elicits a myriad of answers.)

Dear Chloe said, “Long Noodle Soup.”

“Hmmm,” I replied, thinking about that for a minute. “Do you know the recipe for that?”

“Nope, it just has those really long, stretchy noodles.”

“Could you possibly mean Ramen?” I ask.

“Yeah! That’s it!” she said.

The Word of The Week is “strive.” After we discussed its meaning, I asked, “Can anyone give me a sentence using the word ‘strive’?”

Michael M., whose father is roughly my age, said, “I strive to play the drums like Neil Peart.”

“Hmmm,” I replied. “Who’s Neil Peart?”

“He’s the lead drummer for Rush,” Michael said. (Duh, Bellezza.)

It’s going to be a good year, I can tell already.

34 thoughts on “While You’ve Been Blogging, I’ve Been…”

  1. Your classroom looks beautiful! I posted photos of my very clean classroom on Monday–this is the second week of school, so it still looks pretty good. I teach high school, but I find my students also say endearing things. Getting to know each one is so much fun.


  2. Your conversations with your students are some of my favorite blog entries ever! Long noodles, indeed! They are little poets, your third graders.Please keep us current with such anecdotes!


  3. This post made me smile. I sit here about to put on my old clothes and go to my new school to continue sorting out my classroom. Today it's the book corner and display boards. I'm hoping it5 will all be done in time. Thank you for the this post.


  4. Your classroom looks like a wonderful place for creativity and growth, which is what 3rd grade is all about. I'm glad you had a great first week, and truly hope it sets the tone for the rest of the year! ~ Colleen


  5. Your kids are very lucky to have you, Bellezza! Please keep sharing stories with us. "Long noodle soup"–love it! Don't feel bad. I only know Neil Peart plays drums for Rush because I read his fantastic memoir, Ghost Rider. Wonderful travel/grief essay.Hope you have a relaxing weekend. Maybe you can go for a bike ride! I've ridden almost 60 miles this week!


  6. I wish you had been my third grade teacher! Your classroom looks wonderful. It is so great that you can find such joy in listening to what your students say. It sounds like you are going to have a fantastic year!


  7. Love the classroom, love the new look here, love your kids! "Long Noodle Soup"–perfect. Lucky them. Lucky you. Sounds like it's going to be a wonderful year!


  8. It is just beautiful, Bellezza! You have a very lucky group of students to have a teacher who strives to give them such an outstanding learning environment. All the best for an outstanding new school year!


  9. Oh wow, I've been away too long, I almost didn't recognize your blog! But it looks really great :)Love your schoolkids' comments ๐Ÿ˜€ And the origami fish etc look great!


  10. I love the origami pictures, Bellezza! And I love your students' comments – they are so wonderful! It must be a joy to work in your school! Thanks for providing the link to the page on Neil Peart – now I know a little bit about Neil Peart too ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. I can't remember third grade! I didn't know I couldn't, until your entry started me thinking about it. I remember every other year – my teachers, class trips, projects. But what happened to third grade?I'm going to have to ask Mom and see if she remembers. Now I wish I hadn't gotten rid of so many of my report cards – I didn't know I was going to need to identify my third grade teacher!ADD: Does blogger read our blogs are we're writing? My verification word today is "silisili". I swear!


  12. These decorations are fantastic! It's always refreshing to see a teacher enjoy their job, (joy/passion), and be so creative with it. I know we've all experienced teachers who haven't enjoyed teaching, and the ones that do — ahh, how memorable and pivotal they are to a student's life! And how funny that a 3rd grader would know the drummer of Rush — I enjoy several of their songs, but don't know the name of one single person in that band!Lovely post, Bellezza, as always.


  13. This is just fantastic. I went to a school in first grade that was sort of experimental. It had computer class (when no one had computer class), woodworking, gymnastics and physical education, geometry, etc. The first day of school, the teacher dissected a cow's heart – first grade, remember? It was such an awesome place, and one of the things I remember is the amount of decorations hanging from the ceiling. It was much like what you have here, and it has always remained with me. I know it was a lot of work, but I'm sure your students will remember it.Happy school year!


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