Hello, Japan! July’s Task: Haiku

Velvet and coral
cover their spheres~silver flesh
surprises within

Ranier cherries
tied together in nature~
who will sever them?

Tanabata’s task for Hello, Japan in July is to explore haiku.

Taken in by the colors and flavors of summer fruit, I ventured to give it a try.

(Thank goodness we can always turn to Basho.)

16 thoughts on “Hello, Japan! July’s Task: Haiku”

  1. Teachers should always do the assignments they give their students. Sometimes, it's harder than it looks; the teacher needs insight into the process which may have been long forgotten.I never ask my kids to do what I haven't done in front of them. Except sometimes? They do it better than I when it's their turn. 😉


  2. I'm glad you three liked the cherries; I did, too as it's sort of a metaphor for inevitable separation. Not to read too much into things, that's just what strikes me whenever I see two cherries, or two acorns, joined. 😉


  3. ds, I looked and looked for a good background because I wanted the cherries to stand out…I ended up setting them on my Mosiac Bible from Tyndale press because I thought it was interesting. But, I would have liked black best if I could have found it. Thanks for noticing and asking. 😉


  4. Lovely–pictures and haikus. And I love that you've chosen fruit for your subject. I've ventured out of the ordinary for me and been eating nectarines this week–goodness gracious are they delicious.


  5. Lovely! Both the haiku and the luscious photos. BTW, perhaps an unnecessary photo tip, but if you're taking photos at home you can use a piece of black cloth, felt, or in a pinch, black construction paper for a black background. 🙂


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