I’ve Been Doing This For How Many Years Now?

It occurs to me, as I read two posts this week on blog friends celebrating their blog’s anniversary, that I should commemorate mine in some way. Only, here’s the problem.

When did I actually start?

I began blogging in May of 2006, uncertain of my place in the blog-o-sphere. On which passion of mine should I blog? Teaching? Perfume? Photography? Faith? When I landed on a few blogs of my oldest friends, (um, that would be you, Lesley, and you, Nancy, and you, Booklogged) I felt I’d found a home. Books! There’s a topic I’d been wildly passionate about for more than thirty years. Fine, I’ll blog about books.

In 2006, the book blogging world was a cozy one. There didn’t seem to be a plethora of sites discussing books, and if there were, I’d found a sweet little niche of my own in which to circle. Now this world is huge! Now if I were to begin a book blog I’d be too intimidated to even start. So, I guess you could say it’s good I began when I did. With whom I did.

“But, Bellezza,” you might say, “where are your posts from 2006? I look on your site and all I can see are a few posts with no comments going back to 2007.”

Yeah, about that. In my search for the perfect world, I left Blogger in April, 2009 thinking that WordPress would be more sophisticated. More interesting. More…something. I imported all my Blogger posts over there, taught myself a new platform, met lots of interesting people, and promptly missed the familiarity of Blogger. The cozy little niche I’d created if you will. So, I moved back (unaware that my posts would not be allowed to move back with me).

I’ve learned a lot. There is no perfect red in lipstick (although I could name several which are quite close). There is no perfect semi-oriental or chypre fragrance (although there are a lot that sitting on my dresser which I adore). There is no perfect blogging platform, blogger or book.

But, there are new novels to discover. There are friends with which to discuss them, and introduce me to more, and open my world into brand new adventures. For all of these things I’ll be forever grateful.  So, thank you, from whenever I began and to wherever I’ll be going.

20 thoughts on “I’ve Been Doing This For How Many Years Now?

  1. Isn't it completely amazing how many more book blogs there are now? I am constanting running across new ones and know there are hundreds more I have never seen. I'm glad you've been around for a long time. I've always enjoyed your blog and think I must have found it soon after I began mine in 2007.


  2. Happy fourth year of blogging, friend. I'm glad to have found you in the book blogging universe because you are one of my inspirations here. Sorry you couldn't import your old posts back, but looking onwards! xo


  3. Congratulations on four years of blogging success! May there be many more ahead of you. I'm so glad you chose books as your 'niche'–and still left room for your other passions!


  4. Four fat years Bellezza and I haven't come close to that! I've been blogging for months and there's always the fear and excitement as to where this blog would lead me. Congratulations!


  5. Congratulations on completing four years in the book blogging world, Bellezza! I enjoy reading your thoughts on books and I am looking forward to reading more of them in the future. I like very much your comment that there are no perfect colours, perfect fragrances and perfect blogging platforms – very true. Can't you move your posts with comments, from your old Blogspot blog to this one?


  6. Bermuda onion, in many ways it does feel like a lifetime! I can't remember when I wasn't blogging!Coffee and a Book Chick, even though I've taken a meandering path at least I've come to discover which platform I prefer!Diane, I'm glad we're book-bloggers, too. It's so great to share our love of literature!Kay, I think I 'met' you through our friend Lesley. I didn't know that you started in 2007, I'd have guessed earlier, but I'm surely glad you're back after your required break.Claire, onwards is the only way to go (written from someone who too often looks behind her). You are an inspiration to me as well, always reading something thought-provoking and often new to me, casting your lovely light in your reviews.ds, we have lots of passions in common, I think!cutlex, the destination is unclear, but it's exciting to see where we'll go. It's refreshing to me to have your thoughts from such a youthful and fresh persective.Vishy, you are such a faithful commenter, already leaving far more comments than I probably do in a month! I'll try to improve my record, but thank you for your visits, your interesting point of view, your sweet encouragements. (In a big huff, I'd erased all my Blogger posts, so really it's time to move onward completely. 🙂


  7. What a great story – change is possible, but sometimes just a learning experience. Even though you settled on books, I'm really glad that your other loves do show through and your posts are genuine to you. You've taught me lots through blogging, so Thanks Heaps.


  8. Tamara, I'm so glad I've 'taught you heaps' as you say; I'm not sure how, but I'm glad we've been blogging friends through the years! Same with you Iliana and Terri!


  9. I don't celebrate bloggiversary too because I don't know when exactly I started blogging. I started writing and doing my own personal site long time before the whole blogging thing started on the net, then I started blogging about various stuff before I started book blogging. I officially started Bookie Mee in 2007 though. It's nice to know book blogger that has been around for a while, now that it's becoming HUGE like you said. Anyway, here's for the years to come. ps: I just wrote a post about manga and thought you might be interested.


  10. I'm late to your celebration! Is the party still going on?? I have house guests and haven't had much time for blog-hopping! But I'll have a glass of delicious red wine tomorrow night to celebrate you four year anniversary. It's been absolutely wonderful getting to know you and sharing my love of books with a kindred spirit. You are and always will be one of my very dearest friends, thanks to the blogging world. And I look forward to traveling with you some day. We'll have to pack a suitcase full of books. ;)Here's to many, many more years of friendship.Cheers!Love, Les


  11. Wow so many of us started about the same time. My 4th anniversary of my blog is coming up in a couple of weeks. I think it's interesting that some of the folks who remain my very favorite bloggers are those I 'met' in the first few months and are still there blogging and providing some of my best recommendations. Maybe the 'class of 2006' was a good one? I'm happy to continue along with you in your quest for a perfect red lipstick, no matter how long it takes!!


  12. Dear Bellezza,You and I sort of stumbled upon each other several years ago, when I was blogging under a different name–and what a fortuitous stumble it was! Although I don't visit you often (and vice versa), and although we have never met face to face, we have become steadfast friends–for which I am grateful. Your blog is so elegant, Bellezza–a reflection, I'm sure, of your own elegance. Thank you for being here and for brightening this corner of the blogosphere.Fondly,MMT


  13. Four years! My three year bloggiversary passed last month without a post to celebrate; I keep thinking I'll post something about it but I just can't make up my mind about it.Yours was one of the first book blogs I discovered and I'm so glad to have interacted with you through blogging. I do miss the coziness of book blogging and even though I'm a somewhat veteran I feel a little lost since moving blogs and have even fallen into lurking, which I never used to do. I guess it's just the inevitable evolution, though, and I'm glad that so many others have found a place in this evergrowing circle.Here's to many more!


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