I’ve Moved Back To Blogger

You probably have seen my unrest: a new template every other week, a new header picture, a new background until I frustrated even myself.

With the launch of my fourth Japanese Literature Challenge, I’ve decided to return to Blogger where I first began Dolce Bellezza in 2006. It keeps everything neatly tied together. It should assuage my search for what I couldn’t quite find in WordPress.

Please change your address books for me. Please update your readers so that I don’t lose your voice. Your company. Your insightful comments. You’ll find me here. I’ll be waiting for you.

XO, Bellezza

11 thoughts on “I’ve Moved Back To Blogger”

  1. Hooray! Makes me happy to see someone return to blogger for once, in a sea of people going on and on about how those who use blogger surely must either be crazy or not know any better 😛


  2. What Nymeth said :-). I've been on Blogger for over 3 years (although using a custom domain for almost 2 of them) and haven't seriously thought about leaving. The only real source of dissatisfaction is with their comment system, but Intense Debate (when it works) has given me a lot of the features I want in that. Good luck with your new (old) home!


  3. I am new to your blog and it looks great! I love your header picture and the picture you have included in this post – beautiful impressionist paintings! I also love the quote of Holbrook Jackson that you have given in the top. I have Holbrook Jackson's book for bibliophiles, 'The Anatomy of Bibliomania' on my 'To be read' list 🙂 Looking forward to reading your posts.


  4. I love Blogger and I find it so easy to use. Your blog looks great, by the way. The header is beautiful and the total look is uncluttered. I understand your restlessness though because I am itching to change my look after a year. We'll see…


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