The Divine Comedy: Read-Along With Richard

In perfect timing with my hunger for classics, which is perennial, and the lessening of obligations in my schedule, which is fortuitous, Richard offers us the opportunity to read-along with Dante’s Divine Comedy. Here’s the schedule:

July 2-4: Inferno

August 6-8: Purgatorio

September 3-5: Paradiso


Won’t you join us?

p.s. The edition I chose, and purchased last night, is here.

11 thoughts on “The Divine Comedy: Read-Along With Richard”

  1. If you happen to catch sight of fleeing BP, Halliburton and TransOcean execs in one of the circles, be sure and let me know. There are a few folks who'd like to catch up with them…..Enjoy the read-along!


  2. The strange thing about that edition is that it takes the old, old H. F. Cary blank verse translation and gets rid of the line breaks, making it look like prose. Or sort of like prose, since the extra capital letters from the blank verse lines are still there.I have to say, that would drive me crazy. Maybe the Amazon page view is not showing me the right thing.


  3. It's not so much the translation as the edition. I don't trust the quality control at those Pront On Demand places, and this book suggests why.Lots of translators have done the Inferno, but few have done all three.This one volume edition of the whole thing by John Ciardi looks good. Ciardi is probably the most-read English Dante since Longfellow. It's a poetic translation, in a form sort of like Dante's. He's not worried about 100% accuracy, which no poetic translation can be, and I have spoken to teachers who say that undergraduates generally like him more than anyone else.And for now, at least, Ciardi to be cheaper than the other one!


  4. Amateur Reader, I loved your suggestion so much I just bought the copy you recommended. Now I have two, but I'm glad because I can compare them both and read the one most pleasing to me. Thank you so much for your input!


  5. I'm unable to slot this one in with all of my other reading obligations that I have piled up. But I will be following your progress and looking forward to your commentary along the way. I haven't read this since high school!


  6. Yay, Claire! I'm glad to be reading along with you, too. I found the Ciardi translation on for $12.95. What a deal! I hope it works for you, too; it just arrived today, and it's a beautiful paperback.


  7. Thanks so much for sharing an excerpt! 😀 Really appreciate it. It was very helpful. Hope you enjoy this translation! It sounds lovely. We must all be going at it through different voices, so should be interesting. I haven't ordered a copy yet, but looks like the Hollanders' will be it for me.


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