Read-a-Thon Update #2

Reading? What’s that?

So far, since my last post, I’ve:

  • mopped the kitchen floor
  • cleaned the bathroom
  • dusted the living room
  • sliced fresh strawberries for strawberry shortcake which I served after we all came back from lunch.

Lunch was nice. The food was good, the conversation was better. But, the company’s still here, talking at the dining room table as I sneak away to post, and my hours are slipping away…

Patience, come my way. (Do you suppose they’d miss me if I read a few hundred pages in the corner?)

11 thoughts on “Read-a-Thon Update #2”

  1. Oh, this sounds so familiar. Growing up, my grandparents would visit sporadically, and while the adults would talk, I would sneak my book out. My grandmother would always grab it and say, "no, no, not while I'm here." Now I'm so glad she did, but it's difficult when you want to be reading!


  2. I totally understand your pain! When I signed up, I really thought I would be able to read most of the day, but, of course, a thousand things came up! I'm looking forward to reading tonight, and I hope you can find some more time!


  3. Now, wait! There was a lunch last year. We have a pattern developing. Is it familial resistance to reading? A spiritual test? Sheer cussedness on a husband's part? (Rare, but not unknown….)I hope you're curled up with your book now. It's going to take me a full 24 hours to catch up with all the blogs I like to read and have missed the past week, so I guess I'm part of the read-a-thon, too!


  4. I have a feeling they would miss you…you are good blog company, therefore you must be good company in person:) I am a little jealous though that your house is clean. I meant to clean before the RAT but only got as far as the laundry.


  5. I haven't had a chance to get much reading in either! Met our friends for a drink at 2:00, came home three hours later (after two drinks, not one!), walked the dog, fixed a salad for dinner later, and am just now sitting down. I think the fall read-a-thon is more my cuppa tea. I've already lost 5 hours today, plus an hour during lunch and posting a blog entry. Definitely not as good as last October!


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