Mothering Sunday and Persephone Books


“What is Mothering Sunday?” you may ask, as well you might if you’re living in America as I am.


Apparently, it’s Mother’s Day for our lovely British friends! And, Persephone books is honoring us mothers with this delightful offer:

It is Mothering Sunday this weekend.


If you order two Persephone Classics by midnight on Wednesday, we will send you a third Classic of your choice free of charge. Please note that the offer does not apply to the grey books.


When ordering online you should only pay for two books, and then write in the Additional Information box: Mothering Sunday Offer and the title of the third Classic you would like. In the same box please let us know whether the books are going to you or whether they should be sent directly to your mother with a card, and if so what the card should say.


(Apologies to readers in North America, where Mothering Sunday is in May: however this does not stop you from taking advantage of our special offer well in advance!)


Here are the Persephone Classics to choose from:

  • Cheerful Weather For A Wedding
  • Good Evening Mrs. Craven
  • Kitchen Essays
  • Little Boy Lost
  • Making of A Marchioness
  • Mariana
  • Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
  • Saplings
  • Someone At A Distance
  • The World That Was Ours

Which will you choose?!

12 thoughts on “Mothering Sunday and Persephone Books”

  1. I was thinking about a trip to the shop to treat myself and you've just inspired me to introduce my Mum to Persephone. Unfortunately the book I want to get her isn't on the list (The Shuttle) but what a great offer!


  2. They're a bit less in cost than the grey covered Persephones, and there are still quite a few I'd like to read from the classic collection. Not that I've read all I own from Persephone, mind you. Not yet, anyway.


  3. How lucky are you just to "visit the shop"! When I go back to London, I will not miss it! Just like I won't miss Guerlain when I get back to Paris. May those trips come soon!


  4. Mother's Day is pretty early in Britain then? Here in where I live, it's on the second Sunday of May, I guess. Happy Mother's Day to every mother. They deserve a celebration and a free book!


  5. Thanks, JoAnn. They just seemed like Spring to me, and I was in the need of some brightness after February grey. Of course, I never tire of your lakeside views.


  6. As another blogger on a book buying ban, this is just too hard! 🙂 I love Persephone and this is well-nigh irresistable. But resist I must.


  7. A book buying ban is most difficult to endure! Will yours end Easter Sunday? Will every one be showering you with gift cards to Barnes and Noble? I, personally, am expecting a fairly large Easter basket filled with chocolate (Cadbury mini-eggs, hopefully;).


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