These Are The Gifts of Christmas

Just as I opened a card last week and felt my heart sink into my toes, the exact opposite happened today. I opened this card just now and knew it was from a True Friend.

I know better by now than to look for love where it hasn’t been found; still I hoped. But, God gives us a double measure in some areas of our lives while others lie barren.

The gifts of Christmas are all around us, not always wrapped in paper and bows, but in a brilliant smile from a sales person. A song from the man ringing his bell before the Salvation Army bucket. A wave from the person you let cut in front of you during heavy traffic.

And, just the right words received on a card from a very special friend.

Merry Christmas to you all.

20 thoughts on “These Are The Gifts of Christmas”

  1. Though I don't "celebrate" Christmas, I understand well what people call the Christmas spirit. Seeing the simple pleasures in life and appreciating the people around us is something that can fill our hearts with warmth any day. When we express and receive love from our fellow man, we are merely abiding by our natural design. And like everything else, we're at our best when we're doing the things we're supposed to :)Have a blessed weekend with your family Bellezza! May the days greet you with more smiles 🙂


  2. Aw, such a lovely, lovely post, my dear friend. I send you love and good wishes for a very special Christmas. How lucky I am that our paths have crossed. If we never get to Italy, let's at least enjoy the beauty of a cabin in the woods while canoeing on a lake or a cottage on a beach (Sanibel?) while searching for seashells. You are a kindred spirit and I'm forever grateful to have met you. xoxo


  3. What a beautiful card and post. I rushed through my Christmas cards this year and it felt like more of an obligation. There has been lots of stress and sadness in my life lately and I didn't have my ususal spirit. My cards must have reflected that. I actually noticed that I received half of the cards that I usually receive and my first email card which was nice with pictures but it wasn't the same as getting a card in the mail.


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