28 thoughts on “On A Bike Ride In October”

  1. Lovelovelove it!! Our trees are so pretty right now, too. The sky has been a brilliant blue (no clouds) and the yellow leaves that are still on the trees look like liquid gold. I'm loving the fall colors and the temps have even warmed up a bit. Makes for a very enjoyable afternoon walk with Annie-dog. Your photo makes me think I should get my bike down off the hooks in the garage and go for one last ride before it gets to be too cold.


  2. Oh my goodness–how heavenly! Did you snap this shot? We just don't have fall like that in Texas. We did get a little more color than normal since we've been cooler and wetter than normal, but nothing as breathtaking as this!


  3. Hey, this is especially goldenly gorgeous! Nice you "caught" the light and the leaves!The rain and relentless wind has snatched all our trees bald-headed. There's much raking work to be done when the rain stops! Happy Autumn!


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