The Old Becomes New Again…

While searching Guerlain for a replacement fragrance as they’ve discontinued my beloved Parure, I came across this ad:


it’s enough to tempt one to buy a bottle, n’est ce pas? Ah, to be in my twenties again…

14 thoughts on “The Old Becomes New Again…”

  1. Ah, not me. I have no desire to be in my 20's again. Maybe my early 30's but not 20's. And I wonder what she looks like without all the 'help'…But, it is a great ad.cjh


  2. Chris, you make me totally laugh. Like, for a long time after I've read your comment.Chic Geek, as only the French can truly be. Until they leave their twenties. ;)Sandy, walking is not my thing. Bicycling? Mais oui! But, I don't have the feet for walking after standing all day teaching. I wish I could get inspired like you by a pair of sneakers.JoAnn, I change my lipstick so frequently I don't ever recall losing my color. Wait, take that back. Chanel made a Red #5 which was gorgeous. But, other than that, I can always content myself with a lipstick color. I'm just still in mourning that they won't make Parure anymore due to some environmental law thingy over there in France. It does make one feel old, though, doesn't it?!CJ, my 30's were quite tempestuous. The 20's were easier for me, at least in terms of feeling good physically. But, I'd say now that I'm in my 40's I have more peace than in any other decade. I wonder what she looks like without help, too.


  3. To have the body of a 20 year old (although no the one I had), and the spirit of a 30 year old and the wisdom of 40 – I reckon that would work for me. But the add, It makes me think of chocolate not perfume…. what does that say about me?


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