Spring "Vacance"

When my husband came home from work today he found me lying under my red cashmere blanket reading my Easton Classics edition of Madame Bovary for this month’s book club.

“Did you have a hard day?” he asked.

“Worked my fingers to the bone,” I replied, laughing.

“Worked them to the bone turning pages,” he said, picking up the mail with a smile.

Ah, I loved the first day of Spring Break.

20 thoughts on “Spring "Vacance"”

  1. Oh! I want to curl up and read too! Next week is our spring break and I shall be flying, with my kids, to my parents house in Indiana. I am hoping for some curl up time. BTW, I like your new picture at the top of your blog! You are good about changing often.


  2. What a nice cozy couch, pellows and cashmere blanket to cuddle in an read naughty French novels *smiling* Madame Beauvary was a racy read in its time. I have the book here and want to read it again. When I was a teen my mother did not allow me to read it. In some way it is strange, she allowed me to read Hemingway, Maugham etc…at 12???


  3. Debi, the first day of Spring Break stretches out so gloriously. After that, no other day seems to sparkle as brightly. I'm always glad when you say I make you smile.Raider Girl 3, thanks!Sandy, this was my original header when I began my blog in 2006. I took the picture in the Cinque Terre, Italy, in 2001, and decided the warm weather calls for its return. I wouldn't necessarily say my frequent header changes are good, though, a little consistency would be nice I think. ;)Madeleine, isn't that funny?! I read Madame Bovary for the first time when I was about fifteen; my mother never balked at what I read, only what films I saw. There's a whole lot of 'racy' literature out there, and maybe she thought a younger person wouldn't fully grasp the details. But, Emma Bovary and Anna Karenina taught me an early lesson: don't die from making foolish choices.


  4. Madame Bovary, huh? That's perfect for the classics challenge. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing spring break full of great reading. Much deserved, Bellezza.


  5. Hooray!! You're original banner is back up on your blog! I've missed it so and it was like seeing an old friend after all these months. :)Good for you for relaxing on your first day of your break. You should spend the whole week curled up with a good book. You can save all the chores and projects for weekends. They're not going anywhere. Have a vacation at home. BTW, is this a couch or a large, comfy, overstuffed chair? I LOVE IT!And I really want to see the Cinque Terre in person. Let's go!


  6. The Chic Geek, my husband and I joke that the couch has sleeping pills hidden in it somewhere; while it's beautiful (in my opinion), it's too conducive to falling asleep when I lay on it to read!Trish, it is a perfect read for The Classics! I'm so glad you're hosting that, because personally? Classic literature is my favorite genre. Even though Madame Bovary is a reread for me, from about thirty years ago, I'm loving every word and every page.Les, while I enjoyed reading the very first day, today, the second day, I had to roust myself and vacuum the kitty fur (can you say kitty bunnies?). Now that the house is immaculate, it's easier to enjoy my reading. I think the perfect vocation for me would be to be a Stay-at-home Mom: clean, cook and read! The couch is actually a love seat, with matching ottomans, and for some reason looks exceptionally pale in the photograph. It's a pale gold, with rose and green; three of my favorite colors. The pillow you sent me for my birthday is on the rose chair opposite. I love that pillow!Robin, I hope you're on Spring Break too, or did you have it already? These always come at the time they're most needed, I think.


  7. Spring – not here (downunder), but it's still great weather to curl up under the covers and read. I'd like to read M Bovary one day, I hope you'll be reviewing it. Enjoy your spring and your books. I also like the change of photo for the change of season, it's just fitting – and Italy,well, that speaks spring!


  8. Italy speaks Spring for sure, but also my heritage: hence the header. ;)Mrs. T, there can never be enough couch time, can there? I hope you enjoyed your break when you had it.


  9. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhWeek after next for my spring break – I can't wait!! I haven't planned my reading list yet, but there will surely be some fantasy for the Once Upon a Time III and a short stay at a B&B. Heavenly.


  10. Qugrainne, I can't wait to see what you've chosen (are choosing?) For the Once Upon a Time III. I have so much respect for what you read and how you review on your blog. Have a great stay at a B and B; those are so much nicer than "Motel 6" kind of places, aren't they? Except for the one I stayed at in Michigan, where I asked all the guys where the women were, not realizing they were gay because I was in my naive twenties…Iliana


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