Horrid Henry: A Phenomenon in Children’s Books

Who is this guy?


You’ve never heard of Horrid Henry? He’s the creation of Francesca Simon. He’s the boy teachers hope are never in their class. He’s the child every parent dreads to have. He’s the hero of every rebellious male. And, Horrid Henry books are available this April 1, 2009, from Sourcebooks.

“HORRID HENRY is a publishing phenomenon-the world’s most mischievous child has spawned a bestselling book series with sales of over 12 million copies in the UK alone, a TV show, and the love of children around the world. HORRID HENRY has been translated into 27 languages and has received incredible praise from the press, librarians, book sellers, parents, and most importantly, kids!
And now…
Horrid Henry invades the U.S.!”

I’ve been reading Horrid Henry books aloud to my class, for half hour stretches at a time, and they cannot get enough of him. Like Dennis The Menace, and Curious George, Horrid Henry is either finding trouble or creating it, and the kids are crazy about his antics. Personally, I think he needs a good spanking, or perhaps some time in a Thinking Chair (as one friend of mine spent his kindergarten years). But, this is what my students have to say:
“We love this book because at the end of the vacation story, Henry forced his family to go to the other site.” ~Kody

“I think it’s a good book because it’s exciting and amusing.” ~Jessica

“The first book grabbed me because it’s so funny!” ~Joshua

Discover the Horrid Henry books for yourself which can be bought here.

10 thoughts on “Horrid Henry: A Phenomenon in Children’s Books”

  1. Hmmmm? I had one of those in my home,Mark-Patrick, until he grew out of it and moved on to an adult life 😀 What made me angry in those days makes me laugh these days I also miss these days sometimes.


  2. I think it is great that you read to your class. I remember my second grade teacher, who wasn't a teacher I was particularly fond of most of the time, read to us at the midpoint of the day and I just loved that. She may have seemed like a mean old grouch most of the day but during reading times she transformed into the coolest teacher ever.


  3. Sandy, Junie B. is a veritable princess comapred to Henry!Madeleine, perhaps all of us who've had boys have experiences the "Henry" side of them from time to time. Isn't it funny how we miss those days when they're gone?Lorraine, I'm of such mixed opinion reading these books aloud; I mean, it's not like I want them to get any ideas, or that I'm holding Henry up as a role model!Carl, you can imagine if your Battle Axe of a teacher was transformed by reading aloud how very lovely I am to my students. 😉


  4. Bookfool, you're too kind. I'm feeling rather like Horrid Bellezza lately, been a tough week, but hopefully I'll have something fun to post soon. Afterall, Spring is here…to be evidenced by the snowfall expected tomorrow. 😉


  5. I just posted my review for these books today and I had a lot of fun with them – as did my 6 year old daughter, lol! I think they will be a big hit for children!Aprilhttp://cafeofdreams.blogspot.com


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