Once Upon A Time III

How serendipitous: the day I finished The Book of Lost Things is the day I discover the King of Challenges, Carl V. Anderson himself, is hosting his third Once Upon A Time Challenge.

There’s a frenzy in the book blogging world, which is all abuzz over his announcement, because Carl does several things during his challenges:

  • he creates a community of bookish fiends (or, I should say, “friends”?)
  • he opens our eyes to new authors
  • he explores the arts within the theme he’s chosen
  • he entices participants with prizes

I’m not quite sure which fantasy novels I’ll chose, but I’m considering the following:

Rest assured, I’m in for the ride. As you should be, too.

25 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time III

  1. Hmmm–now we're not even bookish friends? We're bookish fiends? Sheesh. That being said, I guess I'll probably have to join the other fiends and choose a couple books (The Book of Lost Things is a big possibility). Have fun with your list!!


  2. Trish, we're definitely bookish friends first and foremost. I hope I didn't offend with the fiends term. The Book of Lost Things was a most interesting read; I haven't posted on it yet because I want to do so with Kailana as we're joined in Nymeth's mini challenge on that particular book. Fantasy, folklore, fairy tales are not usually my favorite genre, but I like this challenge because it opens my eyes to a whole new bunch of exciting books. I'm looking forward to what you chose to read should you join.


  3. Fiends? I actually think that's pretty funny, myself.No challenges right now for me but I'll be following y'all. I've read Watership Down and loved it. I hope you do, too.Have fun.


  4. Oooooh…I am seriously Obsessed (capitalized) with the Outlander Series (also capitalized). I am on the third book, and intend to read them all before the next installment comes out in September!


  5. CJ, I read Watership Down when I was in Middle School, and I loved it, too. In fact, my mother and I would often laugh about the character named Bigwig, because my hair often looked like that name sounds before I learned how to control it. I know what you mean about 'no challenges right now for me'; one does get a bit overwhelmed.


  6. Woo-hoo, I'm so glad you are in! Thanks for participating again this year. I hope you enjoy whichever book/books you pick to read for this.I really need to read Game of Thrones. A friend bought it for me long ago, it is one of his favorite books, and I have neglected getting to it for far too long.


  7. I'd go with Diana' A breath of snow and Ashes, I've read the first two novels of that series, and it's fantastic, historically-wise and just for the pure fun of it…although it can be very dramatic and crude at times, it does have an element of authenticity, regardless of the 'time travel'


  8. oh wow! LOVE your list!! (and I read In the Woods too and it's a really good one!)I've read all the Magyk books so far and have really enoyed them.. looking forward to the new one to come out this year.Inkspell is just my favorite YA book ever!I need to get a copy of Watership Down.. I was young when I read it and need to reread that one.And Tuck!.. oh boy.. I have the whole set of Hood and wonder what you think of the first two also!! I am going to "guess" you liked them or wouldn't have Tuck waiting for you to read!! Can't wait for your reviews!


  9. Oh no! I am going to have to rethink my list again. I am thinking about rereading Outlander, and if I did, that fits for the challenge! Decisions, decisions!


  10. Oh! Last year in my Brit Lit class we read The Book of Lost things and it was such a good read. It got people reading who normally don't. Ohhh it was so good.


  11. I have Magyk and Inkheart on my list, plus The Graveyard Book. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of the rest. I never finished Scarlet by Lawhead. I probably should add that to my list. I've been meaning to put George R.R. Martin on my wish list. Thanks for the reminder. I'm joining in for the first time this year. I guess that makes me a 'fiend." My post is HERE


  12. I'm definitely a fiend! I've read most of the books on your list and would recommend all of them. I'm just finishing Inkdeath which is the third book in the Inkspell series and I have the two most recent Magyk releases sitting on my bookshelf. I love everything that Neil Gaiman has written. However, at the risk of alienating myself from other fiends, I have to admit that I do not like Diana Galbadon's books at all.


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