Sunday Salon

I was recently invited to sign up for a book give away at this site: Free Book Friday. Apparently, there is a book and several copies of it, given away each Friday. All you have to do is go sign up and cross your fingers! I was asked to spread the word, so I’m spreading it. Go, sign up, and lessen my chances of winning. 😉

Nymeth is hosting a Mini-Challenge in March, where participants are paired with a partner and decide on a new genre within which to venture. My partner is Kailana, of The Written World, and we’ve decided on a great book from Dewey’s list. We’re planning on finishing it March 15, and we’ll be interviewing each other as well as reviewing it, so look for something exciting around the middle of March from us.

My copy of Whitethorn Woods, by Maeve Binchy, fell into the tub last night. Now, it’s waterlogged and smells of Honeysuckle bubble bath. That’s okay, I’m almost done with it, and eager to get to my next book which is Mudbound. This is for one of my book clubs, and it also qualifies as a read for the Book Awards II Challenge since it won the Bellwether prize founded by Barbara Kingsolver for social awareness.

Have a good week, everyone, and may you find some quiet time in there somewhere.


12 thoughts on “Sunday Salon”

  1. I have been wanting to read Mudbound by Hilary Jordan for awhile now and it is great to hear that it fits in with the Book Awards Challenge. Have fun with your mini challenge read 🙂


  2. That's too bad about your book. That's why I don't read in the bath…I know I'd drop the book the moment I tried :PI look forward to your interview with Kailana, and hers with you!Btw…your header is absolutely gorgeous.


  3. Kailana, I thought, "I won't drop this in the water, I know I won't!" and then, oops, there it went. Fortunately, the book was a paperback prize from our local library not a signed first edition. I finished it last night even though it was a bit damp. I'm starting our book choice today! ;)Sandy, water is the kiss of death for so many electronics, isn't it? My brother's children are constantly dropping things in the water. Or, the washing machine.Samantha, I'll be sure to post a review of Mudbound when I finish. Someone gave it rave reviews at our book club selection time.Nymeth, I'm looking forward to your mini-challenge, and I think it's a great idea to be partnered up with another reader. I'm so glad you like the header picture, too.Chic Geek, Borders had this gorgeous display of Binchy's books (probaby because it's March, and the Irish bit) so I got all enthused to pick up Whitethorn Woods which I've had sitting around forever. She is such a refreshing author! I love her writing style, and how she makes life seem simpler than it often is.


  4. That is such a fun idea, and you got a great partner! As far as that goes, Kailana got a great partner as well! It will be fun to see which genre you are venturing into as well as seeing how your interviews turn out.


  5. Princess Haiku, I love when you stop by! You always bring a ray of warmth and sunshine.Carl, I'm really looking forward to working with Kailana. I suspect we've chosen a book you'll really like, if you haven't read it yourself already. I hope you leave us some feedback because I love to hear from you, and it's not a genre that's in my expertise. (hint, hint)


  6. You know, I've never ready anything by Binchy. I tried Light a Penny Candle, but couldn't get into it.BTW, there's a house in Tana French's second mystery (The Likeness) called Whitethorn House.


  7. Hi, I like the idea of the Mini Challenge. Time is limited for me right now, so I'll enjoy the challenge through you. I love the idea of Free Book Friday, but it's only for US or Canadian residence… I'll have to look out for Aussie options. I wish you luck for the freebie next week "the prayer room"


  8. I definitely cannot wait to read it, and should I get busy and not get over here in a timely manner (please God don't let that happen) I would love an email reminder when you do your post.


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