29 thoughts on “Six Word Sunday

  1. When I see photos like these, it makes me want to run out and get a couple, but I lie down until the feeling passes over.I have a blogging friend who has beautiful cats. She has been absent for a while but is now posting more frequently.www.melange1.blogspot.com She's a great photographer and writer as well.I love your beach photo.


  2. See? You guys are as crazy as we are! Here's the deal: her mother was run over (!) and the person who had this kitty already had a big cat that wouldn't play nice. So, when my husband heard about her he emailed me while I was teaching Spelling and said, "Whaddya think?" Well, as you can see, there was no choice. She's pictured lying on my bathroom dresser where she sits with me as I put on my make up every morning. I've changed her name from Midget (ick!) to Minou (which is kitty in French).Beverly, thanks for the link to check out the new blog. I love how you said you lay down for awhile until the feeling goes away.JoAnn, of course: it's not my idea anyway!Lesley, Henry loves her, too. He's such a good dog to put up with two kitties. Question, on your computer can you see the blue and green sides of this blog template? I can see them on the computer at home but not at school, and I'm wondering what the general public sees. One day I'll stick with a template for more than a week…Happy Sunday to you, my friend.


  3. I'm glad Henry is pleased with his new playmates. :)Yes, I see the blue & green side borders. Yesterday's was different, as I recall. Both are quite lovely!


  4. Oh, Bellezza, she's beautiful!!! I'm so glad your fur friends all get along well and I think you guys are angels for taking her into your home. Of course, I'm also happy to see that you're so completely reformed. Cats will do that to you. 😉


  5. You guys wouldn't believe that for such a sweet looking kitty, she's been taught some mean tricks from her former home's Big Cat. She'll put her paws on Samantha's neck and hold her down until Samantha cries out! Still, I love having two kitties in our house. One is always on my lap while I'm reading.


  6. Oh I love her so much!! 🙂 Can I say that without having met her? What is the story?? Forgive me for not reading the comments to see if you've already said–playing catch up with my google reader!


  7. Oh, Trish, your comment makes me smile. She had to come to us because her mother was run over by a car, and the previous owner's cat was mean to her. That's no way to live! So, here she is, and my favorite part about her is that she's receptive to my loving her; she sleeps on my bed, and in the middle of the night she puts her paw on my cheek. I am such a cat person now.


  8. They are so hard to resist, huh? I LOVE my cat, but lately she has been meowing and meowing. I'm not sure if she just wants the attention or if something is wrong? I've noticed that she's always purring when she's on a meowing streak, though. I guess she wouldn't be doing that if she were upset? Minou is simply gorgeous, though. How does Samantha get along with her?


  9. I'll bet your kitty is in menopause. 😉 Just kidding.Minou and Samantha are great friends now, but it took awhile. When Minou first came she was terrified of her new surroundings, which is probably what first endeared her to me. I don't like change much either, and perfectly innocent things can sometimes appear quite scary.I hope the meowing means nothing is wrong with your dear kitty.


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